Will population ageing spell the end of the welfare state? A review of evidence and policy options – European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies

This brief serves as an overview and introduction to the Economics of Healthy and Active Ageing series. It reviews the main evidence on the health and long-term care costs associated with ageing populations to better understand the expected cost pressures

Sustainable health financing with an ageing population: implications of different revenue raising mechanisms and policy options – European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies

While there have been many prior analyses of how population ageing affects health and long-term care expenditure trends, very little is known about how population ageing affects a country’s ability to generate revenues to pay for health. This brief looks

Navigating the uncharted waters: population ageing in the UK – International Longevity Centre: UK

International Longevity Centre – UK report that argues that the UK’s unprecedented population ageing poses a set of daunting, yet not insurmountable, challenges for policymakers, institutions and health care providers to design better solutions fit for an ageing society. It

Ageing confidently: supporting an ageing workforce – Centre for Social Justice

It is estimated that by 2035, over half of all adults in the UK will be over 50 years of age. This report proposes several recommendations to provide older people and employers with the support needed to unlock the potential