Hepatitis C in the UK 2019: Working to eliminate hepatitis C as a major public health threat – Public Health England

Report estimates that around two-thirds of people living with hepatitis C may not realise they have the virus, with PHE urging those at risk to get tested. Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is a major public health threat in the UK.

Annual review of the epidemiology of Hepatitis C infection in Yorkshire and Humber: Field service Yorkshire and Humber – Public Health England

This report focuses on the epidemiology of hepatitis C in Yorkshire and Humber using mainly routinely available surveillance data.

Hepatitis C: interventions for patient case-finding and linkage to care: Evidence review – Public Health England

An evidence review of what interventions are effective in increasing case-finding and linkage to care for hepatitis C-infected patients.  It is intended to support commissioners and health and care providers, in making decisions on prioritisation of resources and the commissioning

Public health control and management of hepatitis A: 2017 Guideline – Public Health England

This guidance has been developed to aid the public health management of hepatitis A infection which aims to reduce the occurrence of secondary infections and to prevent and control outbreaks. The guidance has been developed based on a review of

Antiviral resistance testing in the management of hepatitis C virus infection: PHE Hepatitis C Virus Resistance Group – Public Health England

This working document, written by Public Health England’s (PHE) Hepatitis C Virus Resistance Group, aims to support clinicians treating people with HCV, where the issue of resistance may be a factor in clinical decision-making.

Hepatitis C treatment monitoring in England: Content, completeness and preliminary findings from the Hepatitis C patient registry and treatment outcome system – Public Health England

This report summarises the content and completeness of data contained within the Hepatitis C patient registry and treatment outcome system at the end of April 2018, enabling a preliminary assessment of HCV treatment and its monitoring in England.