Transforming elective care services ear, nose and throat (ENT): Learning from the Elective Care Development Collaborative – NHS England

This handbook is for commissioners, providers and those leading the local transformation of ear, nose and throat (ENT) elective care services. It describes what local health and care systems can do to transform ENT elective care services at pace, why

Hearing loss in adults: assessment and management NICE guideline [NG98] – NICE

This guideline covers some aspects of assessing and managing hearing loss in primary, community and secondary care. It aims to improve the quality of life for adults with hearing loss by advising healthcare staff on assessing hearing difficulties, managing earwax

Intranasal phototherapy for allergic rhinitis: Interventional procedures guidance [IPG616] – NICE

Evidence-based recommendations on intranasal phototherapy for allergic rhinitis in adults. This involves using light to reduce inflammation inside the nose. Current evidence on the efficacy and safety of intranasal phototherapy for allergic rhinitis is limited in quantity and quality. Therefore,