Improving mental health services in systems of integrated and accountable care: Emerging lessons and priorities – Royal College of Psychiatrists

Work conversations in healthcare: How, where, when and by whom?: A review to understand conversations about work in healthcare and identify opportunities to make work conversations a part of everyday health interactions – Public Health England

Public Health England report on ‘work as a health outcome’ programme seeks to promote healthcare professionals’ understanding of the health benefits of good work and encourage them to have supportive conversations about work and health with their patients. The programme has

Out of sight, out of mind: Bereaved parents falling through the gaps in mental health care – Sands, the Miscarriage Association, the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust, ARC and

Report from Sands, the Miscarriage Association, the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust, ARC and calling on Governments across the UK to take action to ensure that all parents who experience pregnancy and baby loss and need specialist psychological support can access it, at a time and

The community mental health framework for adults and older adults – NHS England and NHS Improvement

The Community Mental Health Framework describes how the Long Term Plan’s vision for a place-based community mental health model can be realised, and how community services should modernise to offer whole-person, whole-population health approaches, aligned with the new Primary Care