Personalised care: giving people more choice and control – NHS England

Personalised care means giving people the same choice and control over their health and wellbeing that they have come to expect in every other part of their life. A onesize-fits-all approach cannot meet people’s varying needs and expectations. Personalised care

Armed Forces personnel in transition: Integrated Personal Commissioning for Veterans (IPC4V) – NHS England

This document provides a framework for effectively planning and delivering personalised care in line with the health commitments of the Armed Forces Covenant.

Understanding patient needs in switching from biologic to biosimilar medicines: Final report of survey and focus group findings – The Patients Association

Patients Association report that finds patients with common conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and ulcerative colitis are being switched to new medicines without receiving the support they need to understand any changes, or to monitor and manage side effects

Estimating diversion ratios of hospital mergers: Economics Working Paper – Competition and Markets Authority

Understanding patient choice is vital in assessing the closeness of competition between hospitals. The standard technique used in the UK is to estimate substitution patterns based on historical GP referrals. This paper compares the results of the ‘GP referral’ methodology to a demand

Patient Participation Groups: What you need to know about GP online services – NHS England

A guide for GP online services Patient Participation Group (PPG) members which gives some top tips on how to engage their practice in registering more patients for online services.

Powerful Patients, Paperless Systems: How new technology can renew the NHS – Centre for Policy Studies

Report from the Centre for Policy Studies think tank on the need for a truly digital NHS based on a bottom up approach and the use of a plethora of health apps. it recommends: Digitisation of all health records New

Choice in mental health care: Guidance on implementing patients’ legal rights to choose the provider and team for their mental health care: Updated – NHS England

Updated guidance for commissioners, GPs and providers on how to implement patients’ legal rights to choose their care provider and the team they see for their mental health care.