The Topol Review: Preparing the healthcare workforce to deliver the digital future: An independent report on behalf of the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care – Health Education England

Within 20 years, 90% of all jobs in the NHS will require some element of digital skills. Staff will need to be able to navigate a data-rich healthcare environment. All staff will need digital and genomics literacy. This Review is about both

Age UK’s Personalised Integrated Care Programme: Evaluation of impact on hospital activity – Nuffield Trust

Age UK’s Personalised Integrated Care Programme (PICP) is a scheme that aims to improve the lives of older people through practical support, underpinned by a change in the way that the health and care system works together for these people

Rural health care: A rapid review of the impact of rurality on the costs of delivering health care: Report prepared for the National Centre for Rural Health and Care – Nuffield Trust

It is generally acknowledged that small, rural NHS health care providers face higher costs than larger, urban areas. For a number of years the NHS has adjusted financial allocations to account for these unavoidable variations in costs in different parts

A teachable moment: delivering perioperative medicine in integrated care systems – Royal College of Anaesthetists

The time preparing for, undergoing and then recovering from an operation is known as the perioperative period and the College believes that tailored care throughout this time will improve long-term outcomes for patients after surgery.  It suggests exercise and nutritional

System working: staff mobility / portability guidance for employers – NHS Employers

Guidance on employment law issues that arise when moving staff within the NHS, and the practical issues to be considered when entering into a workforce sharing agreement model. This is to be distinguished from a scenario where there is a change of employer and the Transfer of Undertakings

Guidance for heads of procurement on the implementation of EU Exit actions: February 2019 – NHS Improvement

Information for NHS providers about the extensive planning and contingency measures that have been put in place for the healthcare system nationally and the additional actions that we are asking providers to undertake as a priority as part of the

NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard 2018: Data Analysis Report for NHS Trusts – NHS England

Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) data report for NHS trusts. The WRES was introduced in 2015 to reveal and thereby help close the gaps in workplace inequalities between black and minority ethnic (BME) and white staff working in the NHS.

Patients’ views on making best use of GP premises – The Patient’s Association

Report that finds that patients are concerned about various internal and external aspects of their local GP practice premises. The report outlines patients’ views based on an online survey and four focus groups aiming to establish the importance of the physical

A Model Employer: Increasing black and minority ethnic representation at senior levels across the NHS – NHS England and NHS Improvement

This document outlines the ambitions set by NHS England and NHS Improvement and reflected in the Long Term Plan, for each NHS organisation to set its own target for BME representation across its leadership team and broader workforce. The strategy

Local authority governance: Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government – National Audit Office

National Audit Office report that recommends  government should improve its oversight of the local governance system to help local authorities cope with increasing financial and demand pressures. It recommends that the the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government works with

An improvement resource for the deployment of nursing associates in secondary care – National Quality Board

National Quality Board that describes the principles for safe staffing including organisational, managerial and clinical setting factors alongside governance, leadership and reporting to ensure that nursing associates are safely and effectively deployed into the workforce.

Digital Frontrunners: Designing inclusive skills policy for the digital age – Nesta

A blueprint and guide that policymakers and other stakeholders can use to design inclusive skills policies for the digital age.  This report: Explains how the Digital Frontrunners programme equips participants with new competencies for designing effective policy in the digital

NHS Operational Planning and Contracting Guidance 2019/20 – NHS England

This full planning guidance replaces the preparatory guidance published in December 2018 and covers system planning, the financial settlement, full operational plan requirements, and the process and timescales around the submission of plans. It is being published along with five-year

NHS Operational Planning and Contracting Guidance 2019/20 Annex B: Guidance for operational and activity plans – assurance statements – NHS England

This guidance sets out assurance statement deliverables for 2019/20, for which regions are asked to provide assurance that delivery plans are being put in place.  

Technical and supporting guidance: NHS Operational Planning and Contracting Guidance 2019/20 – NHS England and NHS Improvement

This technical planning guidance has been produced to support the submission of templates to ensure plans are completed on a consistent basis and to a high standard.

GP Partnership Review: Final Report – Department of Health and Social Care

The findings of the GP partnership review and final recommendations. The review has engaged with GPs and others with an interest to look for solutions to reinvigorate the partnership model and support the transformation of general practice. The case studies

Draft CCG allocations 2019-20 to 2023-24 (total place based) – NHS England

The recurrent revenue allocation for each CCG for core, primary medical and specialised services combined from 2019-20 to 2023-24, including key information used to set the allocations such as the registered population and the distance from target.