Outstanding Models of District Nursing: A joint project identifying what makes an outstanding District Nursing Service – Queens Nursing Institute and Royal College of Nursing

The reports on a project to analyse the District Nursing (DN) service and identify what makes an outstanding District Nursing service which: Meets the needs of patients, families and carers; Supports and benefits the wider health and social care system

Horizontal or Vertical: Which way to integrate?: Approaches to community services integration and consequences for emergency hospital activity: A case study based on the Transforming Community Services Policy –

This report explores the impact integration choices made by Primary Care Trusts had on the level and growth in emergency hospital use in older people and considers the wider implications for the NHS as it develops new models of care

Reimagining community services: making the most of our assets – The King’s Fund

Report from The King’s Fund that identifies community services are often fragmented and poorly co-ordinated, and are frequently not well integrated with other services in the community. This results in duplication as well as gaps between teams delivering care. A radical

The Fifteen Steps Challenge: Quality from a patient’s perspective: Community care in a patient’s own home – NHS England

This document, focusing on community care in a patient’s own home, is part of a suite of toolkits for The Fifteen Steps Challenge, which focuses on seeing care through a patient or carer’s eyes, and exploring their first impressions as a measure

Let’s Talk About Weight: A step-by-step guide to brief interventions with adults for health and care professionals – Public Health England and Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences

This document offers tips on the short conversations health and care professionals should be having with overweight and obese patients about weight loss. It provides: practical advice on how to discuss weight loss tools to support making brief interventions Additional

Safe, sustainable and productive staffing: An improvement resource for the district nursing service – National Quality Board

Resource designed to be used by staff within provider organisations who are involved in clinical establishment setting, approval and deployment – from the team leader of the district nursing service to the board of directors. The resource may also be