Fit for Work: scoping the feasibility of an impact evaluation – Department for Work and Pensions

Fit for Work was an occupational health assessment and advice service looking to address long-term sickness absence, defined as an absence of 4 weeks or more, for people in employment. It was designed to help employees who were on, or

Better health and care for all: A 10-point plan for the 2020s: The final report of the Lord Darzi Review of Health and Care – Institute for Public Policy Research

This final report of the Lord Darzi Review puts forward a 10-point plan to achieve this, as well as a 10-point offer to the public which sets out what the health and care system will be able to offer if

Our Digital Future – Healthier Lancashire And South Cumbria

The ‘Our Digital Future’ Strategy outlines a number of shared principles for developing digital solutions between the partners of Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria, which includes hospital trusts, NHS organisations and Local Authorities. The strategy covers five inter-connected themes to improve

The State Of The Provider Sector: NHS Community Services: Taking Centre Stage – NHS Providers

NHS Providers report detailing good practice where community service providers have successfully developed new ways of working, collaborating with other services to improve care for patients. However it concludes that in practice, support on the ground has failed to match

The Business Case For People Powered Health – Nesta

Report on the business case for the People Powered Health approach: what investments would it require and what benefits could it bring?  It finds: The People Powered Health approach could reduce the cost of managing patients with long-term conditions by

Public Service Mutuals: State of the Sector 2018 – Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport

Report from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport that provides up to date and comprehensive research and evidence as to the state of the public service mutuals (mutuals) sector. It also offers insight into the challenges faced by mutuals,

Spotlight on the 10 High Impact Actions – Royal College of General Practitioners

Royal College of General Practitioners research on the effectiveness of NHS England’s Time for Care Programme, specifically its 10 High Impact Actions: a range of initiatives that were introduced with the aim of increasing capacity in general practice and reducing

Experimenta: Building the next generation of Chile’s public innovators – Nesta

The Chilean Government established a practice-based capacity building programme called Experimenta, this report looks at the outcomes of the Experimenta programme and finds both real and profound. The programme has equipped a sizeable cohort of civil servants (30 teams, 277

Playbook for innovation learning: 35 diagrams to support talking and thinking about learning for innovation – Nesta

This playbook has been created for innovation practitioners who want to spread innovation skills, methods and tools. Key findings are: Innovation practitioners are often involved with the design and delivery of learning experiences or skills development programmes, but might not

Test Beds Programme: Information to support the launch of wave 2 – NHS England

The Test Bed programme originated in the Five Year Forward View and was set up to provide a novel approach to test innovations in health systems, by tackling well established barriers to the uptake of innovation. Test Beds were established

The two billion pound question: Is there an opportunity to move from meeting to managing demand?: Reframing demand at the health and care interface – Impower

This report was published on the anniversary of the Government’s announcement of an additional £2 billion for adult social care in the 2017 Budget. With £1 billion of the funding almost spent, and another £1 billion to be invested by

Planning, assuring and delivering service change for patients – NHS England

This guidance is designed to be used by those considering, and involved in, substantial service change to navigate a clear path from inception to implementation. It will support commissioners and providers to consider how to take forward their proposals, including

The Lord Darzi review of health and care: interim report – Institute for Public Policy Research

This interim report of the Lord Darzi Review of Health presents this evidence in preparation for the final report which will be published in the lead up to 70th anniversary of the NHS and will set out a long term

NHS Innovation Accelerator Evaluation: Final Report – Institute for Employment Studies

Evaluation of the NHS Innovation Accelerator which was created to help create conditions and cultural change to generate faster and more systematic uptake of healthcare innovations across the NHS. It establishes the common conditions essential for adoption and spread of

Vascular Surgery: GIRFT Programme National Specialty Report – Getting It Right First Time

Report that calls for reconfiguration of arterial surgery services so that all patients can be treated on an urgent basis – by establishing hub and spoke networks, where the hubs have the capacity and flexibility to offer a seven-day service. This model is

Learning from the vanguards: spreading and scaling up change – NHS Clinical Commissioners

This briefing looks at what can be learned from the vanguards’ efforts to design, test and deliver a variety of scalable and replicable new care models. It shares the lessons that other organisations and partnerships can take from the vanguards’

Accountable Care Organisations: (Briefing Paper Number CBP 8190)

An Accountable Care Organisations (ACO) is a model of healthcare organisation where a provider, or group of providers, takes responsibility for the healthcare provision of an entire population. There is no fixed definition of an ACO, but the organisation usually receives an annual,

Leading Large Scale Change: a practical guide: A guide to leading large scale change through complex health and social care environments – NHS England

Leading Large Scale Change: a practical guide has been produced by the NHS England Sustainable Improvement Team and the Horizons Team, NHS England, to help all those involved in seeking to achieve transformational change in complex health and care environments.

NHS efficiency map: redesigning services: Enhanced supportive cancer care – Healthcare Financial Management Association

Case study of the transformation of existing palliative care services into enhanced supportive care (ESC). . The multi-disciplinary ESC team covered all patients’ needs. It had strong financial support and worked with the oncology team, so that patients could access the ESC team at any stage