Evaluation of the NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES): Report on Initial Evaluation, January 2019 – University of Sheffield and Lancaster University

This document is an interim report detailing the first six months of an evaluation of the WRES. This is an independent evaluation, conducted at the University of Sheffield, in conjunction with Lancaster University, with funding provided by NHS England. Many

Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES): sharing good practice case studies: London HRD Network in collaboration with NHS trusts across the London region – NHS England and NHS Improvement

This case study gives information on the region wide aim of reducing the disproportionate rate of BME staff entering the formal employee relations process compared to their white peers in London NHS trusts.

Navigating the uncharted waters: population ageing in the UK – International Longevity Centre: UK

International Longevity Centre – UK report that argues that the UK’s unprecedented population ageing poses a set of daunting, yet not insurmountable, challenges for policymakers, institutions and health care providers to design better solutions fit for an ageing society. It

Ageing confidently: supporting an ageing workforce – Centre for Social Justice

It is estimated that by 2035, over half of all adults in the UK will be over 50 years of age. This report proposes several recommendations to provide older people and employers with the support needed to unlock the potential

HSC (2000) 030: Human Resources Performance Framework – Department of Health

This national Human Resources Performance Framework (HRPF), foreshadowed in the NHS Plan, is intended to support the Service in measuring and maintaining progress on the three strategic aims of ‘Working Together – Securing a Quality Workforce for the NHS’, to

Employment Advisers in Improving Access to Psychological Therapies: Process Evaluation Report – Department for Work and Pensions and Department of Health and Social Care

This research looks at stakeholder views of the Employment Advisers in Improving Access to Psychological Therapies pilot which began in March 2018. The Employment Advisers in Improving Access to Psychological Therapies pilot provides tailored employment support to people with depression and

2018 Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit: Report and Declaration on Achieving Equality for Mental Health in the 21st Century – Department of Health and Social Care

A summary of the first Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit, which was held in London in 2018. This report covers the themes, experiences and learning from the discussions at the summit.  It includes: a summary of the key issues and