GMS Contract Settlement and Allocation Changes 2019/20 to 2023/24: Letter from Ed Waller – NHS England

This letter from Ed Waller provides details of the changes that are needed to allocations resulting from the GP contract settlement, and the spreadsheet shows how the allocations have been adjusted for each CCG area.

The fair pay report: How pay transparency can help tackle inequalities – Institute for Public Policy Research

This report examines the impact of the gender pay reporting regulations. It assess’ employer perceptions of the regulations and how they have responded. Based on the findings, it sets out proposals for improving gender pay reporting, and recommendations for broader

We can’t go on like this: Why public service support staff need an alternative to austerity – Unison

Report from Unison that highlights poor morale, unpaid overtime, a disconnect between staff and management with staff feeling undervalued.  It reports a general concern with the quality of service that staff are able to give to the public they serve.

Fortieth Annual Report On Senior Salaries 2018 – Department of Health and Social Care

This report sets out recommendations from the Senior Salaries Review Body on the pay of senior civil servants and executive and senior managers in the Department of Health and Social Care’s arm’s length bodies. This report sets out the SSRB’s analysis of

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs): Remuneration guidance for Chief Officers (where the senior manager also undertakes the accountable officer role) and Chief Finance Officers – NHS Commissioning Board

This guidance note is intended for the use of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), to support the employment of senior managers, who undertake the roles of Chief Officer and Chief Finance Officer, following the CCG becoming a statutory body and the

Priced out: home ownership and public service workers – Unison

Unison research considering the cases of an NHS cleaner, teaching assistant, librarian, nurse and police community support officer and their ability to afford  to buy their own homes.  It finds that saving money for a down payment on a property would

Which digital skills do you really need?: Exploring employer demand for digital skills and occupation growth prospects – Nesta

Policymakers consider digital skills to be a top priority for investment. They are seen as offering people greater employability and job resilience. But are all digital skills created equal? Finds that demand for those digital skills which involve non-routine tasks,

Agenda for Change Pay Deal: Context and Funding for 2018/19 – Department of Health and Social Care

‘Agenda for Change pay deal: context and funding for 2018/19’, explains how the Department of Health and Social Care is allocating the additional £800 million between: NHS providers non-statutory non-NHS organisations NHS England, Clinical Commissioning Groups and Commissioning Support Units

How To Ensure Your Organisation Gets Value For Money From The NHS Pension Scheme – NHS Employers

NHS Employers guide for NHS board members and it promoting the value of the NHS pension scheme. It aims to help NHS organisations to think strategically and includes tips on staff engagement as well as how to encourage membership and

An NHS Bonus: How fixing the NHS’s broken pay system can deliver better outcomes for patients – Centre for Policy Studies

Centre for Policy Studies report ooking at the pay structure of the NHS. It makes the claim that that the current system is failing both staff and patients. It recommends by introducing greater flexibility into the system, and linking pay more

Presenting gender pay gap figures to the public: an online randomised controlled trial: Research report – Government Equalities Office

Transparency can be a powerful mechanism for creating accountability and social change. Drawing on this insight, the government now requires UK employers with 250 or more employees to report their annual gender pay gap (GPG) figures on a government website that is open

Staffing for Safe and Effective Care: Nursing on the Brink (Policy Report) – Royal Cllege of Nursing

Policy document from the Royal College of Nursing raising the alarm on the growing nursing workforce shortages across the UK, and their concern at the implications on patient safety.  Presents a set of RCN principles which provide high-level objectives which most  meaningfully represent what

The state of pay: Demystifying the gender pay gap – Institute for Public Policy Research

The UK has a gender pay gap: within industries, within occupations, and within organisations, women tend to earn less per hour than men. A small proportion of this gap may be the result of unequal pay for the same work

The gender pay gap in the UK: evidence from the UKHLS: Research report – Government Equalities Office

The primary aim of this research is to identify the factors that influence the gender pay gap in the UK. The work uses decomposition techniques to analyse the main predictors of the gender pay gap using waves of the British

Sleep-ins – A tipping point?: An independent survey to assess the impact of the sleep in pay crisis on the future of social care – Voluntary Organisations Disability Group

This report sets out the results from the independent survey to assess the impact of the sleep in pay crisis on the future of social care. It finds 30% of people are likely to have their services disrupted in the next year

Gender Pay Report: Snapshot date: 31 March 2017 – NHS England

This report provides details of NHS England’s gender pay under the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 Act (Gender Pay Gap Regulations) 2017 and details the six specific measures and the work that is being undertaken to address the gap.

Outcome of 2018/19 GMS contract negotiations – NHS England

This letter confirms the outcome of the contract negotiations between NHS Employers (on behalf of NHS England) and the BMA’s General Practitioners Committee England (GPC) on amendments that will apply to GP contracts in England in 2018/19.  The key principles agreed are: Full implementation

National Minimum Wage: sleep-in care: (Bulletin Number CBP 8243) – House of Commons Library

In April 2017 the Employment Appeal Tribunal handed down judgment in Royal Mencap Society v Tomlinson-Blake, providing further guidance on whether employees who undertake sleep-in duties are entitled the National Minimum Wage (NMW) for the time during which they are