Be the change: Ensuring an effective response to all in psychiatric emergency equal to medical care: Recommendations from the first international summit on urgent and emergency behavioural healthcare – NHS Clinical Commissioners

Behavioural health crisis is a global problem. Behavioural health is an inclusive term that covers the emotions, behaviours and biology relating to a person’s mental well-being, their ability to function in everyday life and their concept of self. It includes

GP Partnership Review: Interim report – Wessex LMC

The partnership model of general practice has been the foundation of the NHS for over 70 years. The evidence from around the world shows that healthcare systems that have invested in primary care have better outcomes, with greater patient satisfaction delivered at a

Taking the value-based agenda forward: The five essential components of value-based approaches to health and care – NHS Confederation

This paper explores how we can spread the adoption of value-based healthcare across all parts of the system and ensure that we maximise the benefits for  those who use NHS and wider services.  It explores key characteristics which we believe can

The spread challenge: How to support the successful uptake of innovations and improvements in health care – The Health Foundation

Health Foundation report considering: The challenges facing the NHS in improving the uptake of new ideas and practices, and the need for new approaches when developing national and local programmes to support the spread of innovation. It highlights why health

Acute medical care in England: Findings from a survey of smaller acute hospitals – Nuffield Trust

This profile of smaller hospitals in England finds trusts struggling to recruit and retain acute medical staff. Services across the country are configured in a wide variety of ways, with little evidence of an ‘ideal’ model for acute medical care

Building the future of care to 2028: Summary: Shaping the long term plan for the NHS – National Voices

This is a summary document of a technical briefing sent to policy leads and directors in NHS England. It presents a detailed account of a coherent vision for improving health and wellbeing outcomes through interlinked actions across the priority workstreams

Event In The Tent Initiative Enhances Staff Engagement – NHS Employers

Improvement in staff engagement using the innovative Event in the Tent, learning from staff about how to resolve workplace issues and develop quality services at Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. It took the concept of the big conversation

Urology: GIRFT Programme National Specialty Report – Getting It Right First Time

Following visits to 134 trusts providing urology services, this report examines the way that urology is currently provided in England and sets out 18 recommendations to improve the these services.  The recommendations bring opportunities for efficiencies and savings of up

Housing, planning and homelessness: Moving the conversation on – Local Government Association

In life every one of us needs a stable and secure home, it is central to leading healthy, fulfilled and productive lives. But for too many people housing is unavailable, unaffordable, or not appropriate for what they need. Aheald of

Mental health: how do you know your council is doing all it can to improve mental health – Local Government Association

Local government makes a vital contribution to promoting good mental health in individuals and communities. The main ways this happens are through: system-wide leadership through health and wellbeing boards (HWBs) public health responsibilities to promote mental wellbeing and prevent poor

A theoretical framework for the DSI index – European Commission

DSISCALE (branded externally as DSI4EU) aims to support policy makers, funders and, most importantly, practitioners to grow and scale digital social innovation (DSI) in Europe and to harness the power of people and technology to tackle some of Europe’s biggest social challenges.  It

Working together since 1948: celebrating 70 years of partnership between the NHS & independent sector – NHS Confederation

NHS Confederation report that showcases numerous examples of how the independent sector has worked in collaboration with the NHS over the past 70 years to deliver innovative and accessible health services to the public – spanning elective, diagnostics, MSK (musculoskeletal), clinical home

Achieving the Provision of Integrated Care: Exploring the development and successful implementation internationally of new models of integrated care – National Association of Primary Care

This report of a two-day symposium attended by health experts from the UK, USA and Ireland, traces the development and impact of integrated care to date, homes in on some examples of successful practice and draws out the key lessons for later-adopters.

The health and social care interface: Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, Department of Health & Social Care and NHS England – National Audit Office

National Audit Office  report that presents and discuss 16 challenges to improved joint working. It highlights some of the work being carried out nationally and locally to overcome these challenges and the progress that has been made. It also identifies some

Beyond barriers: How older people move between health and social care in England – Care Quality Commission

Reviews how the local area works within and across three key areas: Maintaining people’s health and wellbeing at home Care and support when people experience a crisis Supporting people when they leave hospital Finds: Organisations intended to work together but mostly

Developing new care models through NHS vanguards – National Audit Office

This report examines whether the NHS is well placed to get value for money from its investment in developing new care models through vanguards. In particular, it focuses on: set up and management of the vanguard programme (Part One); national

Better health and care for all: A 10-point plan for the 2020s: The final report of the Lord Darzi Review of Health and Care – Institute for Public Policy Research

This final report of the Lord Darzi Review puts forward a 10-point plan to achieve this, as well as a 10-point offer to the public which sets out what the health and care system will be able to offer if

System under strain: Why demand pressures are more than a winter phenomenon – NHS Confederation

NHS Confederation report describing ways in which increasing demand in one part of the system can affect the performance of other NHS services elsewhere.  It notes that rising demand is not confided to winter and outlines how some NHS and

When tragedy strikes Reflections on the NHS response to the Manchester Arena bombing and Grenfell Tower fire – NHS Confederation

To support NHS organisations with planning for major incidents, this report captures the learning from the health service’s response to the harrowing events of 2017. The interviews reflect on key aspects of the responses by emergency, mental health, acute and community services, drawing out

Hot Topic: Effective Networks – eWIN

This hot topic outlines what the evidence says about leading and participating in effective networks in health and care environments. It will look at what is meant by a network and the difference between networks and communities of practice; what should be