Decent work: Harnessing the power of local government – Institute for Public Policy Research North

The North is enduring a severe job quality crisis. Record high employment figures conceal major deficiencies in the quality of work people are doing. And while every region of the country has seen an unprecedented squeeze on wages, real weekly

Perspectives on SMEs and productivity in the Northern Powerhouse: Final report – Institute for Public Policy Research North

By international standards, the UK’s post-recession productivity performance has been poor. This ‘productivity problem’ is particularly acute in the north of England, and for the smaller businesses that make up over 99 per cent of the northern business population. Boosting

How productivity could deliver inclusive growth in Scotland – Institute for Public Policy Research

The UK economy has struggled to maintain productivity growth since the financial crash in 2008. Despite catching up with UK pay and productivity levels in the first decade or so of devolution, more recently Scotland’s economy has struggled to maintain

LGiU Homelessness Commission 2019: final report – Local Government Information Unit

The LGiU Local Government Homelessness Commission was set up to investigate how councils can fulfil their obligation to prevent homelessness. Their report is the first assessment of the state of homelessness prevention from the perspective of local government. It argues

Beyond the NHS: addressing the root causes of poor health – Centre for Progressive Policy

Centre for Progressive Policy report argues that a radical change of direction is required and focuses on how to develop and deliver a social model of health. It claims that the greatest socioeconomic challenges of our time, from poor-quality housing

Wealth in the twenty-first century: Inequalities and drivers – Institute for Public Policy Research Commission on Economic Justice

This research shows that, if the UK is to build an economy where prosperity is underpinned by justice, we need better public understanding of the distribution of wealth and the drivers of inequality and a stronger commitment to redressing them.

Environmental health inequalities in Europe: Second assessment report – World Health Organization

World Health Organization report outlining the magnitude of environmental health inequalities within countries through 19 inequality indicators on urban, housing and working conditions, basic services and injuries. Inequalities in risks and outcomes occur in all countries in the WHO European Region,

We need to talk: Access to speech and language therapy – Children’s Commissioner

Children’s Commissioner report, data has been brought together to show how much local areas spend on speech and language therapy services. There is no publicly available, reliable information about what is being spent, and there is no single body to

Crisis In Care: What Do MPs Think – Health for Care

Health for Care is a coalition, led by the NHS Confederation, of 15 national health organisations. To inform government thinking ahead of the green paper and the expected spending review in autumn 2019, the coalition wanted to test the views

The health effects of Sure Start – Institute for Fiscal Studies

Institute for Fiscal Studies report that considers the overall impacts on health of the Sure Start programme as a whole between its inception in 1999 and its peak in the late 2000s. Our focus on health outcomes is motivated by

Still No Homes For Nurses: How NHS Land Is Being Sold Off To Build Unaffordable Homes – New Economics Foundation

New Economics Foundation that builds on their earlier report No Homes for Nurses report that finds: Of the NHS sites declared ​‘surplus’ in England in 2017 – 18, 23 have the capacity for over 80 homes. Our research found that, on those sites: Only

Indication-Based Pricing (IBP) Discussion Paper: Should Drug Prices Differ By Indication? – Office of Health Economics

Increasinfly, , scientific advances are delivering new medicines that deliver improved survival and quality of life across multiple treatment indications. IBP has been proposed as a way to better link price with value. This paper outlines the major issues including

Active Ageing: An Anchor Hanover report in association with Demos – Demos

This report, written in conjunction with care home provider Anchor Hanover, highlights the costs of physical inactivity in older people to the NHS and estimates that by 2030, this could be as much as £1.3bn. It also outlines the human

Care Deserts: The Impact Of A Dysfunctional Market In Adult Social Care Provision – Age UK

Report by Incisive Health for Age UK highlights the extent of the local lottery that now exists when trying to secure residential care or care at home, and the long-feared emergence of ‘care deserts’ in some places. These are localities

Integrating Health and Social Care: State or Market?: (IEA Current Controversies No.69) – Institute of Economic Affairs

Medical and nursing care have been separated from social care by deliberate design since the creation of the NHS. This is true with regard to the institutional and policy frameworks and also with regard to how care is provided in

Above And Beyond: How Voluntary Sector Providers Of Disability Support Add Value To Communities – Voluntary Organisations Disability Group

Report considering the influence and potential of voluntary sector providers of social care through real life stories from four disability support providers from across England. The report outlines the voluntary care sector’s key impacts, including: engaging local partners and harnessing

21st Century Social Care: What’s wrong with social care and how we can fix it – Policy Exchange

Policy Exchange report exploring  the nature and extent of the serious and urgent problems affecting the provision of social care in the UK. It identifies how these problems have evolved from the institutional structures developed for providing health and social

State of the Nation 2018-19: Social Mobility in Great Britain – Social Mobility Commission

Social Mobility Commission report that assesses the progress that Great Britain has made towards improving social mobility. It highlights that inequality is entrenched in Britain, from birth to work. It also finds that being born privileged means you are likely

Social Care: Free At The Point Of Need The Case For Free Personal Care In England – Institute for Public Policy Research

Institute for Public Policy Research paper that sets out new research and policy proposals which aim to address the growing crisis in social care. Its recommendations aim to improve the efficiency of health and social care services in England by