Our future in the land – Food, Farming and Countryside Commission

Food, Farming and Countryside Commission report that argues that action must be taken in the next ten years, to stop ecosystems collapse, to recover and regenerate nature and to restore people’s health and wellbeing. It looks at the costs of

Supporting the health system to reduce inequalities in screening: PHE Screening inequalities strategy – Public Health England

The PHE Screening inequalities strategy is aimed at supporting local screening services, commissioners and others involved in the provision of screening to address inequalities.

Social care: paying for care home places and domiciliary care (England): (Briefing Paper Number 1911) – House of Commons Library

Updated House of Commons Library briefing paper that sets out how individuals are assessed for local authority funding support towards the costs of their social care for 2019/20. Key metrics for the social care means-test for 2019/20 are: upper capital

Inquiry into decent and accessible homes for older people – All Party Parliamentary Group for Ageing and Older People

All Party Parliamentary Group for Ageing and Older People report following an in-depth inquiry to understand the detrimental impact of poor housing on older people’s physical, mental and social wellbeing. An estimate of some of the costs of poor housing

What a difference a place makes: the growing impact of health and wellbeing boards – Local Government Association

Local Government Association report that highlights how health and wellbeing boards (HWBs) are making a real difference through a wide range of initiatives, including reducing hospital admissions and time spent in hospital, reducing demand for GP appointments, helping thousands of

There is an alternative: ending austerity in the UK – Institute for Public Policy Research

Institute for Public Policy Research report that identifies that while the global financial crisis of 2007/08 had a significant impact on the UK’s public finances. Since 2010/11, successive UK governments have chosen to impose a programme of austerity in an

Digital-First Primary Care Policy: consultation on patient registration, funding and contracting rules – NHS England and NHS Improvement

This document describes the proposals to reform patient registration, funding and contracting rules to ensure patients have both choice as well as access to integrated care; and to harness the potential of digital providers to help with our workforce shortages

Protecting people and places in poverty from the risks of a no-deal Brexit – Joseph Rowntree Foundation

The Government is taking steps to prepare the country for the possibility of the UK leaving the EU in March without a Withdrawal Agreement. There is widespread agreement that leaving without a Withdrawal Agreement would be likely to lead to

Where next for Universal Credit and tackling poverty? – Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Creating a system that is integrated and responds to people’s changing circumstances is the right thing to do. We all depend on public services such as our health, education and social security systems at various times in our lives; we

Scaling up social lettings? Scope, impact and barriers – Joseph Rowntree Foundation

This report identifies a range of different organisations, described as social lettings agencies (SLAs), that are seeking loosen the grip of poverty by improving the options available to low-income or vulnerable households in the private rented sector (PRS). Although not a substitute for

How can Universal Credit help parents move out of poverty? – Joseph Rowntree Foundation

This research looks at how Universal Credit (UC) can be changed to help loosen the grip of poverty on working parents.  Working parents involved in this research saw Universal Credit as a contributory factor to their poor standards of living.

Decent work: Harnessing the power of local government – Institute for Public Policy Research North

The North is enduring a severe job quality crisis. Record high employment figures conceal major deficiencies in the quality of work people are doing. And while every region of the country has seen an unprecedented squeeze on wages, real weekly

Perspectives on SMEs and productivity in the Northern Powerhouse: Final report – Institute for Public Policy Research North

By international standards, the UK’s post-recession productivity performance has been poor. This ‘productivity problem’ is particularly acute in the north of England, and for the smaller businesses that make up over 99 per cent of the northern business population. Boosting

How productivity could deliver inclusive growth in Scotland – Institute for Public Policy Research

The UK economy has struggled to maintain productivity growth since the financial crash in 2008. Despite catching up with UK pay and productivity levels in the first decade or so of devolution, more recently Scotland’s economy has struggled to maintain

Briefing: delivering an Income Supplement in Scotland – Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation that asks the key question how can we maximise the effect of the Scottish Government’s proposed Income Supplement, and help as many people as possible break free from poverty?  It outlines key questions for

LGiU Homelessness Commission 2019: final report – Local Government Information Unit

The LGiU Local Government Homelessness Commission was set up to investigate how councils can fulfil their obligation to prevent homelessness. Their report is the first assessment of the state of homelessness prevention from the perspective of local government. It argues

Beyond the NHS: addressing the root causes of poor health – Centre for Progressive Policy

Centre for Progressive Policy report argues that a radical change of direction is required and focuses on how to develop and deliver a social model of health. It claims that the greatest socioeconomic challenges of our time, from poor-quality housing

Wealth in the twenty-first century: Inequalities and drivers – Institute for Public Policy Research Commission on Economic Justice

This research shows that, if the UK is to build an economy where prosperity is underpinned by justice, we need better public understanding of the distribution of wealth and the drivers of inequality and a stronger commitment to redressing them.

Environmental health inequalities in Europe: Second assessment report – World Health Organization

World Health Organization report outlining the magnitude of environmental health inequalities within countries through 19 inequality indicators on urban, housing and working conditions, basic services and injuries. Inequalities in risks and outcomes occur in all countries in the WHO European Region,