Chief Medical Officer annual report 2019: Partnering for progress – Department of Health and Social Care

Latest Chief Medical Officer’s report considers current and future UK engagement with global health.  The report consists of 21 letters from global health leaders to the Chief Medical Officer and their rsponse, responding summary, recommendations and epilogue. The report publishes

Vaccine update: issue 296, July 2019, HPV special edition – Public Health England

Newsletter including the latest information and resources for the universal human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination programme for eligible girls and boys. The national HPV vaccination programme is being extended to eligible boys from 1 September 2019. The universal HPV vaccination programme special edition features:

Complete routine immunisation schedule 2019 – Public Health England

Immunisation information for health professionals and immunisation practitioners. This immunisation schedule includes the Infanrix hexa© vaccine for the infant programme suitable for infants born on or after the 1 August 2017 and the universal HPV programme for eligible teenagers.

Human papillomavirus (HPV): the green book, chapter 18a – Public Health England

Human papillomavirus (HPV) immunisation information for public health professionals, including updates. This chapter features: the history and epidemiology of the virus the HPV vaccine the dosage and schedule for the UK recommendations for the use of the vaccine contraindications and adverse reaction advice

Routine childhood immunisations from autumn 2019 – Public Health England

Information for health professionals on childhood immunisations. This routine childhood immunisation schedule (autumn 2019) includes the Infanrix hexa© vaccine for the infant programme for infants born on or after the 1 August 2017 and the universal HPV programme for eligible

The National Childhood Flu Immunisation Programme 2019/20: Information for healthcare practitioners – Public Health England

Provides information on the flu vaccination programme for children, the vaccine and how to administer it.  This document on the flu vaccination and vaccination programme includes information on: what flu is the flu vaccine dosage administering the vaccine advice on

Guidance for recipients of PHE supplied vaccines and other medicines under the EU Falsified Medicines Directive 2011/62/EU (FMD) and Delegated Regulation ((EU) 2016/161) – Public Health England

Guidance on roles and responsibilities in the application of FMD and the Delegated Regulation to vaccines and other medicines centrally supplied by PHE.  This document sets out and clarifies roles and responsibilities in the application of Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) and

Flu vaccination: letter template for children aged 2 and 3 years – Public Health England

GP practices can use this template to invite parents and guardians to get their child vaccinated at the local surgery. This letter is for general practitioners (GPs) to use to send to parents of children aged 2 and 3 years

Quarterly vaccination coverage statistics for children aged up to five years in the UK (COVER programme): January to March 2019 – Public Health England

UK quarterly data and commentary on coverage achieved by the UK childhood immunisation programme. The cover of vaccination evaluated rapidly programme (COVER) evaluates childhood immunisation in England, collating data for children aged 1, 2 and 5.

Guidance: HPV universal vaccination: guidance for health professionals – Public Health England

This guidance provides information for healthcare practitioners about HPV universal programme eligibility, scheduling and vaccine administration for the adolescent programme.

Updated guidelines on post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) for varicella/shingles – Public Health England

Guidance on the use and ordering of varicella zoster immunoglobulin (VZIG).  Varicella zoster immunoglobulin (VZIG) is a scarce blood product that is offered to individuals at high risk of severe chickenpox following an exposure. Post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) is offered to

Under the skin: Listening to the voices of older people on influenza immunisation – International Longevity Centre UK

Preventing ill-health and reducing the burden of disease is  increasingly recognised as vital in the context of an ageing society, and influenza immunisation programmes are a key plank of preventative strategies in many countries across the world. Rates of influenza