Our future in the land – Food, Farming and Countryside Commission

Food, Farming and Countryside Commission report that argues that action must be taken in the next ten years, to stop ecosystems collapse, to recover and regenerate nature and to restore people’s health and wellbeing. It looks at the costs of

National Child Measurement Programme: Operational guidance 2019 – Public Health England

The National child measurement programme (NCMP) is part of the government’s commitment to dealing with the public health challenge of excess weight. The NCMP Operational guidance 2018 has been revised and chapter 3 has been updated. this document provides guidance

What a difference a place makes: the growing impact of health and wellbeing boards – Local Government Association

Local Government Association report that highlights how health and wellbeing boards (HWBs) are making a real difference through a wide range of initiatives, including reducing hospital admissions and time spent in hospital, reducing demand for GP appointments, helping thousands of

Moving Matters: Interventions to increase physical activity – National Institute for Health Research

We need to know more about what works in getting people active and sustaining this, particularly for those who are least active now. This review focuses on National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)-funded research evaluating interventions to increase physical activity

RCPCH prevention vision for child health – Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

Strategy paper from the RCPCH sets out their proposals for how to transform the health and wellbeing of children and young people in the UK, In advance of the Department of Health and Social Care’s prevention green paper. It states

Improving the public’s health: Local government delivers – Local Government Association

Local Government Association report that finds: Data from Public Health England’s spend and outcome tool (SPOT) demonstrates that a number of key health outcomes have improved since responsibility for public health transferred to local authorities, despite the spend in several

Trends In Life Expectancy In EU And Other OECD Countries: Why are improvements slowing? – Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

This paper reports on trends in life expectancy in the 28 EU countries and some other high-income OECD countries, and examines potential explanations for the slowdown in improvements in recent years. The slowdown in improvements in life expectancy since 2011

State of Child Health England: Two Years On – Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

Report that congratulates the Government on its commitment to child health, commending them on bold pledges in areas such as obesity, mental health and the integration of children’s health services. The scorecard, which describes progress against a series of recommendations

International comparisons of health and wellbeing in adolescence and early adulthood – Nuffield Trust and Association for Young People’s Health

Report that finds young people in the UK are making healthier life choices for themselves than before, but are more likely to die from asthma or have a poor quality of life from long-term conditions compared to counterparts in other

Childhood obesity: a plan for action: A consideration of interactions between modelled policies – Department of Health and Social Care

This paper considers four of the proposed regulatory policies that are being targeted at the population in the retail and out-of-home environment, aiming to influence consumer behaviour. It looks at the possible interactions between these proposed policies with three Chapter 1

Promoting healthy weight in children, young people and families: resource to support local authorities – Public Health England

This resource is made up of briefings and practice examples to promote healthy weight for children, young people and families as part of a whole systems approach. It supports: local authorities Clinical Commissioning Groups other NHS partners and non-government agencies

Evaluating implementation of the WHO set of recommendations on the marketing of foods and non-alcoholic beverages to children. Progress, challenges and guidance for next steps in the WHO European Region – World Health Organization

A growing body of independent monitoring and research indicates that existing policies and regulations are markedly insufficient to address the continuing challenges in this field. Policies and regulations tend to use narrow definitions and criteria (they frequently apply to pre-digital

Healthy Weight in the North West Population – North West Public Health Observatory

This is the seventh in the series of synthesis reports, produced by the North West Public Health Observatory, that aim to bring together policy, evidence and intelligence on specific topics. This report examines weight issues in the North West population.

Health and Lifestyles in the North West – Liverpool John Moores University Centre for Public Health

The North West regional lifestyle survey – the largest ever survey in the region – took place between June and December 2007. The region’s residents were asked about their general health, height and weight, diet and nutrition, physical activity, alcohol

Indicators of Children and Adults’ Healthy Weight in North West Local Authorities – Liverpool John Moores University Centre for Public Health

This report provides a summary (for each of the North West local authorities) of 29 measures that have, or are considered to have, an established relationship to weight – covering key themes such as food and diet, physical activity, breastfeeding

Evaluation of Wirral Life Education Centre on the health and wellbeing of primary school children – Liverpool John Moores University Centre for Public Health

An evaluation of a national charity working locally with primary schools, parents and carers, and others in the community to help children make healthy choices.

National Child Measurement Programme: Guidance for analysis and data sharing – Public Health England

This guidance is designed to support those local authorities and other organisations that wish to undertake additional investigation of the data. It contains an overview of the NCMP data and analyses provided by Public Health England and NHS Digital, how

Segmentation and Insight into the Body Mass Index of the North West Population – Liverpool John Moores UNiversity Centre for Public Health

This report uses data from the Health and Lifestyles in the North West 2007 report and explores the relationship between body mass index (BMI) and a number of self-reported lifestyle characteristics and lifestyle-related illnesses. BMI is a measure of weight

Situation Of Child And Adolescent Health In Europe – World Health Organization

WHO report providing an an overview of child and adolescent health in the WHO European Region. The report focuses on several key areas where health outcomes are falling short, and provides insight into ways in which countries can improve the

Putting Health into Place: Introducing NHS England’s Healthy New Towns programme – NHS England

NHS England Healthy New Towns programme has released a leaflet introducing the 10 Healthy New Town Principles: Putting Health into Place. These principles will support partners in housebuilding, local government, healthcare and local communities to demonstrate how to create new