Active travel: increasing levels of walking and cycling in England: Eleventh Report of Session 2017–19: Report, together with formal minutes relating to the report – House of Commons Transport Committee

House of Commons Transport Committee report identifying that increased levels of walking and cycling can help combat the economic, human and environmental costs of inactivity, climate change, air pollution and traffic congestion. It urges policy makers to give it the

Alcohol in Transport: Issues and Interventions – Liverpool John Moores University Centre for Public Health

Levels of alcohol consumption may be particularly high in specific settings such as nightlife venues (Hughes et al. 2008; Measham and Brain 2005), at sports events (De Jong 2007; IAS 1998; Wright 2006), and during the summer (Cho et al.

Putting Health into Place: Introducing NHS England’s Healthy New Towns programme – NHS England

NHS England Healthy New Towns programme has released a leaflet introducing the 10 Healthy New Town Principles: Putting Health into Place. These principles will support partners in housebuilding, local government, healthcare and local communities to demonstrate how to create new

Sustainable Ventures in Public Health: The economic benefits of green infrastructure in the North West of England – Liverpool John Moores University Centre for Public Health

This report examines how investment in green infrastructure such as active transport, urban green space and rural natural attractions can have benefits for public health, communities and the local economy. The impact of good quality green infrastructure and green space

Reducing the impacts of welfare reform and recession: A guide based upon evidence from Merseyside and Cheshire – Liverpool John Moores University Centre for Public Health

Recent and ongoing reforms to the welfare system and the economic recession have had significant impacts upon many of the most vulnerable members of the population and the services supporting them. Included in this guide are ten evidence-based recommendations to

“Top Ten for Number Ten” – A Public Health Manifesto from the North West Directors of Public Health – Liverpool John Moores University Centre for Public Health

This public health manifesto was developed by the Centre for Public Health with the North West Directors of Public Health (NW DsPH). The document has been created to raise awareness of important public health issues and to inform discussion ahead

Top Tips for Health in Local Authorities: (Observatory Report Series Number 65) – Liverpool University Public Health Observatory

Top tips for health in local authorities, aims to enable local authorities within Cheshire and Merseyside to focus on actions they can take to promote the health of local people and their employees. Linked closely to the Choosing Health White

Top Tips for a Healthy Planned Environment Final Report: (Observatory Report Series No. 73) – Liverpool University Public Health Observatory

Top Tips for a healthy planned environment is the fifth document in the Top Tips series that aims to promote public health. The key topic areas covered are: history, policy, transport, physical activity, environmental sustainability, wellbeing, crime prevention, alcohol, fast food, sunbeds and

Tackling transport-related barriers to employment in low-income neighbourhoods – Joseph Rowntree Foundation

This report gives three actions that need to be taken to ensure public transport enables rather than constrains people who are returning to work. Identifies the need for: ‘Stronger’ models of partnership or bus franchising (through the Bus Services Act 2017) improve the

The Inclusive Transport Strategy: Achieving Equal Access for Disabled People – Department for Transpor

The Department for Transport’s strategy to create an inclusive transport system for disabled travellers. It sets out a: government actions for creating equal transport for disabled people clear programme of monitoring and evaluation new governance framework for accountablility

Loneliness: how do you know your council is actively tackling loneliness? – Local Government Association

The Jo Cox Commission report makes recommendations for local action, and indicates that local leaders in councils, the wider public sector and business have a critical role in tackling loneliness.  This report identifies that: tackling loneliness is a preventative measure that

Making THE (Transport, Health And Environment) Link: Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme and the Sustainable Development Goal

Results of an analysis of how countries can advance the  2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by working through the Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme (THE PEP). This report highlights how transport impacts on the environment and health.

A recipe for action: using wider evidence for a healthier UK: A collection of essays exploring why we need trans-disciplinary approaches to improve the public’s health – The Health Foundation

It is increasingly recognised that addressing the current challenges facing people’s long-term health outcomes in the UK isn’t simply a problem of translation and access to existing evidence. It is a more fundamental problem: the evidence relevant to population-level action

Places, spaces and wellbeing – What Works Wellbeing

Evidence review from What Works Wellbeing that considers the global evidence base for improving poeple’s wellbeing through changes to the community infrastructure. This covers: Public places and ‘bumping’ places designed for people to meet, including streets, squares, parks, play areas,

Quantifying Wider Economic Impacts of Agglomeration for Transport Appraisal: Existing Evidence and Future Directions – Department for Transport

‘Agglomeration elasticities’ measure the relationship between how well connected an area is and how productive its workers are.  This report: reviews the existing academic literature on agglomeration elasticities makes recommendations for areas of future research in order to enhance the agglomeration

Planning positively through partnership – Local Government Association

A positive, proactive and responsive planning system focused on shaping places is vital for the future growth of our society. Where it works well, it is one of the best tools that we have to deliver the homes and jobs

Young people’s travel – what’s changed and why? – Department for Transport

Department for Transport  research on young people’s travel behaviour to better understand: why young people are driving less than previous generations what the future implications of this are Additional Item

Healthy High Streets: Good place-making in an urban setting – Public Health England

Report from Public Health England identifying the features of a Healthy High Street.  It should  feature good quality design and furniture, providing accessible, safe communal spaces that can be used to create healthier, safer and more cohesive local communities. In doing so

Transportation and the Role of Hospitals – Health Research & Educational Trust

Individuals struggling with food insecurity, housing instability, limited access to transportation or other barriers may experience poor health outcomes, increased health care utilization and increased health care costs. Addressing these determinants of health, commonly referred to as social determinants of health, or simply social determinants, will have a

Good growth for cities 2017 – PriceWaterhouse Coopers and Demos

Measures the current performance of a range of the largest UK cities, and all Local Enterprise Partnership areas in England, against a basket of ten indicators based on the views of the public and business as to what is key to economic success and wellbeing. Employment,