Government Response to the First Joint Report of the Education and Health and Social Care Committees of Session 2017-19 on Transforming Children and Young People’s Mental Health Provision: A Green Paper – Department of Health and Social Care and Department for Education

Government response to the joint report of the Education and Health and Social Care Committees on ‘Transforming children and young people’s mental health provision: a green paper’. It also gives the Governments response to the consultation on the Green Paper. This consultation

Children affected by domestic abuse fund: prospectus – Home Office

This document explains the objectives of the fund, who can apply, how to apply, and the high-level outcomes. Applicants can apply using the contracts finder notice where there will also be full details of the application process, criteria and scoring.

Fostering Better Outcomes: The Government response to the Education Select Committee report into fostering and Foster Care in England – Department for Education

This document sets out the government’s response to that report and to the Education Select Committee’s inquiry into fostering. The response sets out the steps the government are taking to improve the outcomes and well-being of children in care.

Fostering: First Report of Session 2017–19: Report, together with formal minutes relating to the report – House of Commons Education Committee

Foster care is an invaluable part of the care system, providing thousands of children and young people with safe, loving and stable homes and family environments. Yet the foster care system in England is currently under pressure: the number of

Health of women before and during pregnancy: health behaviours, risk factors and inequalities An initial analysis of the Maternity Services Dataset antenatal booking data – Public Health England

A national report on risk factors and inequalities. It can be used at a local level to identify variation in women’s health, before and in the early stages of a pregnancy.  It shows: how to provide preconception care with a

Making the Case for Preconception Care: Planning and preparation for pregnancy to improve maternal and child health outcomes – Public Health England

A report for Local Maternity Systems and their wider systems partners. It covers: the impact of preconception health ways to improve birth outcomes ways to reduce inequalities through embedding preconception care

Enhanced Service Specification: Childhood seasonal influenza vaccination programme 2018/19 – NHS England

All GMS practices are expected to provide essential and those additional services they are contracted to provide to all their patients.  Service specification for childhood seasonal influenza vaccination programme 2018/19.

Children’s Public Health 0 to 5 Years – Interim National Reporting process for the universal health visiting service: full guidance for local authority members of staff 2018/19 – Public Health England

Extends existing PHE interim reporting arrangements on commissioning of universal health visiting reviews for children because while the longer-term strategic solution for data collection and reporting for these metrics is the  Community Services data set (CSDS) formerly the Children and Young Peoples

Childhood obesity: a plan for action: Chapter 2 – Department of Health and Social Care

Outlines the actions the government will take towards its goal of halving childhood obesity and reducing the gap in obesity between children from the most and least deprived areas by 2030. This follows a reductions industry has delivered a 2%

Childhood obesity: a plan for action – Cabinet Office, Department of Health and Social Care, HM Treasury, and Prime Minister’s Office, 10 Downing Street

The government’s plan to reduce England’s rate of childhood obesity within the next 10 years by encouraging: industry to cut the amount of sugar in food and drinks primary school children to eat more healthily and stay active

Auditory brainstem implant service specification – NHS England

This service specification covers the provision of auditory brainstem implant services for children with congenital abnormalities of the auditory nerves or cochleae.

Public Spending on Children in England: 2000 to 2020 – The Children’s Commissioner

This report provides new estimates of total spending by the government on children in England, including benefits, education spending,services for vulnerable children and healthcare. In the most recent year of data (2017–18), total spending was over £120 billion or over

Bullying: Evidence from LSYPE2, wave 3 Research brief – Department for Education

This research brief is based on data from the second Longitudinal Study of Young People in England (LSYPE2). In 2015, LSYPE2 interviewed 10,010 young people in year 11. The report provides: statistics on different types of reported bullying the results for pupils

Approaches to preventing and tackling bullying: Case studies – Department for Education

Qualitative research to understand anti-bullying practices schools have found effective. These include approaches to tackling bullying generally and more specific types of bullying, for example: racial bullying special educational needs and disability (SEND) bullying lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT)

Facing the Future: Standards for children in emergency care settings – Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

Facing the Future: Standards for children in emergency care settings document provides healthcare professionals and service planners with clear standards of care that are applicable to children in urgent and emergency care settings.  They are intended to be motivating, meaningful and measurable

Voices from the social care crisis :An opportunity to end a broken system, once and for all – The Care and Support Alliance

Care and Support Alliance report on how the social care crisis is affecting the day to day lives of older people, working aged disabled people and unpaid carers across the country.  It identifies that currently at least 1.2 million older people and disabled

Don’t be left in the dark: children and young people’s mental health – Local Government Association

This short guide provides an overview of the challenges facing mental health and wellbeing services for children and young people. It suggests least one in 10 children and young people are affected by mental health problems, and the unreported figures

Self-care support for children and adolescents with long-term conditions: the REfOCUS evidence synthesis – Health Services and Delivery Research 6 (3)

Finds self-care support led to small improvements in children and young people’s Quality of Life (QoL). It did not reduce children and young people’s hospital admissions but did lead to small reductions in children’s emergency service use. Interventions that reduced

Report into Children’s Social Care Services in the London Borough of Barnet – Department of Education

An Ofsted Publication judged the overall effectiveness of the council’s children’s social care services to be inadequate. This report sets out the findings of the Commissioner’s 3-month review and makes recommendations for the improvement of children’s social care services in Barnet.  

Report to the Minister of State for Children and Families on ways forward for children’s services in Croydon – Department for Education

In September 2017 an Ofsted Publication judged the overall effectiveness of the council’s children’s social care services to be inadequate. This report sets out the findings of the Commissioner’s 3-month review and makes recommendations for the improvement of children’s social care services