Improving the medical discharge process – Help for Heroes

Help for Heroes policy paper that states that there are currently major inconsistencies and gaps in Ministry of Defence support for those being medically discharged. The government should commission an independent review and audit of the medical discharge process, to

Standing up for patient and public safety: England Policy Report – Royal College of Nursing

Royal College of Nursingreport that describes the lack of clear roles, responsibilities and accountability for workforce planning and supply in England. In reality, this means that the health and care workforce is not growing in line with increasing population need

Overview of integrated budgets for Integrated Care Providers (ICPs) – NHS England

This overview has been jointly produced by NHS England and NHS Improvement. It is designed to be used alongside the Integrated Budgets Handbook, which includes information gained through working with vanguards and provides guidance on a number of technically challenging aspects of designing

CCG roles where Integrated Care Providers (ICPs) are established – NHS England

This document has been produced to reflect changes in terminology and to clarify the policy positions around: whether Integrated Care Providers (ICPs) are allowed to manage third party contracts; and the handling of Individual Funding Requests.

Contracting arrangements for Integrated Care Providers (ICPs): Draft equality and health inequalities analysis – NHS England

This document outlines the anticipated equality and health inequalities impact of proposed contracting arrangements for Integrated Care Providers (ICPs).

NHS Standard Contract Template Integration Agreement for Partially Integrated Integrated Care Providers (ICPs) – NHS England

This Integration Agreement sets out a framework for the parties to work collaboratively to deliver the health and care services provided by each party in an integrated way and to achieve the objectives necessary to assure the success of the

Explanatory notes to the draft Integrated Care Provider (ICP) Contract – NHS England

This document describes the proposed structure and content of the draft variant of the NHS Standard Contract for integrated care models on a section-by-section basis.

National Health Services England: The draft Primary Medical Services ([NAMED SITES] – Integrated Services Provider Contracts) Directions 2018 – NHS England

These Directions have been produced in respect of the provision of primary medical services under an integrated services provider contract.

NHS England Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response annual assurance guidance – NHS England

This guidance document has been produced to provide guidance to organisations completing the Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response (EPRR) annual assurance process.  

A Picture of Health: the NHS at 70 and its future – Fabian Society

Fabian Society report that looks backwards at the history and achievements of the NHS over the last 70 years. It also looks to the future, in the context of acute financial pressures and growing healthcare needs . The report argues

The Integration and Better Care Fund Operating Guidance For 2017-19 – NHS England

This document sets out the refreshed operating guidance for approved Better Care Fund (BCF) plans and is for local partners that agree and administer BCF 2017-19 plans.

The Role Of Cities In Improving Population Health: International Insights – The King’s Fund

King’s Fund report  that explores the role of cities in improving population health and the conditions needed for success. The research found that although there is wide variation between cities in terms of governance arrangements, powers and resources,it identifies some common

Government response to the House of Lords European Union Committee, 13th report of session 2017-19, ‘Brexit: reciprocal healthcare’ – Department of Health and Social Care

Sets of the Governments response to ‘House of Lords European Union Committee, 13th report of session 2017-19, ‘Brexit: reciprocal healthcare’, it details an agreement on citizens’ rights, grounded in reciprocity, which seeks to allow citizens to continue living their lives

Investigation into clinical correspondence handling in the NHS – National Audit Office

At the October 2017 hearing of the Committee of Public Accounts to consider the National Audit Office’s investigation into NHS SBS, NHS England informed the Committee that it had discovered a new backlog of 162,000 items of clinical correspondence that had not been

Refreshing NHS plans for 2018/19 – NHS England and NHS Improvement

Guidance, published jointly by NHS England and NHS Improvement, sets out the plans for the NHS in light of the November 2017 budget announcements. It outlines how the additional funding will impact on emergency and urgent care, elective surgery and

Joint Working Protocol: When a hospital, services or facility closes at short notice – NHS England

Guidance to organisations when a hospital, service or facility closes unavoidably at short notice.  The memorandum gives clear guidance and direction to any organisation involved in a short notice closure to take appropriate and timely action in supporting patients and making

5 Years On: Responses to Francis: changes in board leadership and governance in acute hospitals in England since 2013 – University of Manchester Alliance Business School, Nuffield Trust and University of Birmingham Health Services Management Centre

Report from the University of Manchester Alliance Business School, Nuffield Trust and University of Birmingham Health Services Management Centre that finds that hospital leadership has generally changed for the better since the Francis Inquiry. There are, however, worrying signs that