Life after loss: an economic evaluation of specialist counselling after baby loss – Centre for Mental Health

This report is an economic evaluation of the baby loss charity Petals, which provides counselling to women who have experienced the death of a baby and their partners. The evaluation calculates that national provision of counselling to 4,822 mothers would

The Treasury’s responsibility for the results of public spending – Institute for Government

This report finds that public spending is often wasteful, with the government failing to set out clear spending intentions and taking decisions without clear information. It calls for a change in the role of the Treasury – in how it

Prevention Programmes Cost-Effectiveness Review: Physical activity: (Observatory Report Series, number 83, Cost effectiveness review series, number 1) – University of Liverpool Public Health Observatory

This is the first topic area covered by the cost effectiveness review series. A comprehensive review of the literature is presented on evidence of the cost effectiveness and potential cost savings of preventive programmes and projects relating to physical activity.

Assessing the Impact of the Economic Downturn on Health and Wellbeing: (Observatory Report Series No. 88) – University of Liverpool Public Health Observatory

Health impact of the economic downturn. Through a literature review and analysis of key indicators the report assesses the evidence base for the impact of the economic downturn on mental and physical health and use of health and local authority

Prevention Programmes Cost Effectiveness Review: Diet and Healthier Eating: (Liverpool Public Health Observatory Report Series, number 89, Cost effectiveness review series, number 3) – University of Liverpool Public Health Observatory

Provides a comprehensive review of the literature is presented on evidence of the cost effectiveness and potential cost savings of preventive programmes and projects relating to diet and healthier eating.

Issues Surrounding the Estimation of the Opportunity Cost of Adopting a New Health Care Technology: Areas for Further Research – Office for Health Economics

Proposes new approaches in three areas to improve understanding of supply side opportunity costs for the NHS. It explores improving efficiency, production functions and purchaser priorities.

Tackling transport-related barriers to employment in low-income neighbourhoods – Joseph Rowntree Foundation

This report gives three actions that need to be taken to ensure public transport enables rather than constrains people who are returning to work. Identifies the need for: ‘Stronger’ models of partnership or bus franchising (through the Bus Services Act 2017) improve the

Local action on health inequalities: Understanding and reducing ethnic inequalities in health – Public Health England

Guidance to support local and national action on ethnic inequalities in health.  This report provides: a summary of information and data by ethnic group in England examples of practical approaches to address ethnic inequalities in health case studies of local

2010 Year of Health and Wellbeing Evaluation Report – Liverpool Primary Care Trust

Report that evaluates a joint working approach to public health.  Key outcomes of this approach were that it: publicly articulates the solidarity between key agencies to working collaboratively with all partners and communities. provides a strong framework for partnership working across

The contemporary labour market in Britain’s Older Industrial Towns – Sheffield Hallam University

Britain’s older industrial towns are a substantial part of the country – on the definition used here they account for over 16 million people. Over many years these towns have all been hit by major job losses in the industries that once

Building communities that work: The role of housing associations in supporting employment – Institute for Public Policy Research

One in 10 people in the UK live in a housing association property. Supporting more housing association tenants to access employment and to progress in work will be vital to boosting the employment rate and tackling poverty.  Housing association tenants are

The economic and social costs of modern slavery: (Research Report 100) – Home Office

The aim of this report is to estimate the cost of modern slavery in the UK. Estimating the economic and social cost of modern slavery is important to better understand the wider impacts of this crime. By contributing to the

Contraception: economic analysis estimation of the return on investment (ROI) for publically funded contraception in England – Public Health England

Report on how the tool was constructed and presents the main results. The tool pulls together the latest evidence and data to estimate the return on investment (ROI) for publicly funded contraception in England. The flexible Excel sheet allows users

R&D, Competition and Diffusion of Innovation in the EU: The Case of Hepatitis C: (Research Paper 18/06) – Office of Health Economics

Report analysing the functioning of a specific market for innovative treatments, Direct Acting Antivirals (DAAs) for hepatitis C virus (HCV), in six European countries. It explores the potential for in-class competition for DAAs to offset innovators’ market power and maximise the social welfare

The lives we want to lead: The LGA green paper for adult social care and wellbeing – Local Government Association

Years of significant underfunding of councils, coupled with rising demand and costs for care and support, have combined to push adult social care services to breaking point.   This document sets out options for how the system could be improved and the

A Picture of Health: the NHS at 70 and its future – Fabian Society

Fabian Society report that looks backwards at the history and achievements of the NHS over the last 70 years. It also looks to the future, in the context of acute financial pressures and growing healthcare needs . The report argues

The Living Standards Audit 2018 – The Resolution Foundation

Resolution Foundation  ‘audit’ of living standards in the UK. It estimates how household incomes have performed over the past year, producing a ‘nowcast’ of the figures before the official data is released. In addition this, this year it has taken

Commissioning through Evaluation (CtE) Percutaneous Closure of Patent Foramen Ovale (PFOC) to prevent recurrent cerebral embolic events – Newcastle and York External Assessment Centre

Around 80% of strokes in the UK are of ischaemic origin, with most being due to blockage of arteries in the brain caused by thromboembolism. In around 25% of cases, the putative source of the thromboembolism cannot be found, and these are