Homelessness in Liverpool City Region: A Health Needs Assessment: (LPHO Report series number 96) – University of Liverpool Public Health Observatory

This health needs assessment aims to determine the health needs of the local homeless population within Liverpool City Region and to investigate the extent to which current service provision is addressing their health needs. Recommendations are made resulting from a

How to produce a Sustainable Development Management Plan (SDMP) – The Sustainable Development Unit and NHS Improvement

Organisations have a duty to protect the health of future generations by reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change. The health and care system reduced emissions by 18.5% up to 2017. While this is good progress, it is still behind

Mental health support: an overview of our future work – Healthwatch

Healthwatch briefing setting out their plan of action on mental health and how the Healthwatch network and stakeholders can get involved.  It outlines the beginning of their multi-year programme where they will find out what support people want with their mental

EU Cross-Border Healthcare Directive: How the Directive affects your NHS trust: How to manage payment pathways for visiting European patients – Department of Health and Social Care

Sets out the background of the directive and how it relates to providers when managing visiting European patients who are resident outside the UK but seeking NHS healthcare here.

Overseas chargeable patients, NHS debt and immigration rules: guidance on administration and data sharing – Department of Health and Social Care

Supports NHS organisations on overseas chargeable patients, NHS debt, and immigration rules, including guidance on administration and data sharing. This manual of guidance supersedes all previous guidance on the administration and data sharing of NHS debt.

Operational overview for organisations newly within scope of the NHS Charges to Overseas Visitors Regulations – Department of Health and Social Care

Operational overview for non-NHS organisations within the scope of the NHS charges to overseas visitors regulations.  This document provides help and advice on the implementation of the National Health Service (Charges to Overseas Visitors) Regulations 2015, which have been amended