Homelessness in Liverpool City Region: A Health Needs Assessment: (LPHO Report series number 96) – University of Liverpool Public Health Observatory

This health needs assessment aims to determine the health needs of the local homeless population within Liverpool City Region and to investigate the extent to which current service provision is addressing their health needs. Recommendations are made resulting from a

Worklessness in the Liverpool City Region – Liverpool John Moores University Public Health Institute

This report, looks at ‘worklessness’ in the Liverpool City Region. This report gives an overview of the numbers of people claiming benefits for each health condition in the Liverpool City Region, and looks at interventions to support people with disabilities

Resilient Communities – Liverpool John Moores University Public Health Institute

There have been recent changes in the political climate, involving welfare reform and cutbacks to public services, alongside an ageing population and changing job opportunities. The importance of community resilience in coping with these sources of adversity is becoming increasingly

The contemporary labour market in Britain’s Older Industrial Towns – Sheffield Hallam University

Britain’s older industrial towns are a substantial part of the country – on the definition used here they account for over 16 million people. Over many years these towns have all been hit by major job losses in the industries that once

Building communities that work: The role of housing associations in supporting employment – Institute for Public Policy Research

One in 10 people in the UK live in a housing association property. Supporting more housing association tenants to access employment and to progress in work will be vital to boosting the employment rate and tackling poverty.  Housing association tenants are

The Living Standards Audit 2018 – The Resolution Foundation

Resolution Foundation  ‘audit’ of living standards in the UK. It estimates how household incomes have performed over the past year, producing a ‘nowcast’ of the figures before the official data is released. In addition this, this year it has taken

Housing First: tackling homelessness for those with complex needs: (Briefing Paper Number 08368) – House of Commons Library

Housing First (HF) is an alternative homelessness intervention strategy, aimed at people with complex needs, particularly rough sleepers. This House of Commons Library paper describes the principles behind Housing First and outlines some of the evidence behind it. The paper

This Could Cost Lives: A Frontline View On The Funding Of Supported Housing: A report by Rethink Mental Illness – Rethink Mental Illness

This report is based on a survey of service managers and staff that work in supported housing services for people with mental illness. To be eligible to complete the survey, their service and tenants had to be within the scope

Ideas for the NHS long-term plan from the Centre for Ageing Better – Centre for Ageing Better

This paper sets out the case for why NHS England should make some bold commitments to healthy ageing in its long-term plan and suggests some ideas for actions it could take and some areas for action with others. It looks at:

Dying on the streets: The case for moving quickly to end rough sleeping – St Mungo’s

Presents findings from a national street outreach survey showing that: 79% of respondents said rough sleeping had risen in their area in the last five years, compared to just 3% who said it had fallen Only 21% of respondents said their outreach

Tackling fuel poverty, reducing carbon emissions and keeping household bills down: tensions and synergies – a research report by the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) – Committee on Fuel Poverty

Committee on Fuel Poverty to the Centre for Sustainable Energy’s report Tackling fuel poverty, reducing carbon emissions and keeping household bills down: tensions and synergies.  The respond by stating: Although helpful to the recipients, the Winter Fuel Payments and Warm Homes Discount policies

Tackling fuel poverty, reducing carbon emissions and keeping household bills down: tensions and synergies: Report to the Committee on Fuel Poverty – Centre for Sustainable Energy

Report that aims to better understand: the synergies, tensions and trade-offs which exist in how household energy policies and programmes in England contribute to (or, potentially undermine) objectives to tackle fuel poverty, reduce carbon emissions and keep household energy bills

Destitution in the UK 2018 – Joseph Rowntree Foundation

This research looks at the factors pushing people into destitution and the solutions to the problem. It highlights three key asks which would protect people from becoming destitute and support those who end up in destitution.  The UK Government needs

Preventing destitution: policy and practice in the UK – Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Last year more than 1.5 million people in the UK were pushed into destitution, going without the bare essentials and locked out of the chance of building a decent and secure life. This research examines how the policies and practice

Places, spaces and wellbeing – What Works Wellbeing

Evidence review from What Works Wellbeing that considers the global evidence base for improving poeple’s wellbeing through changes to the community infrastructure. This covers: Public places and ‘bumping’ places designed for people to meet, including streets, squares, parks, play areas,

From prison to work: A new frontier for Individual Placement and Support – Centre for Mental Health

From prison to work: A new frontier for Individual Placement and Support reports on a pilot programme in the West Midlands to support prisoners with mental health difficulties into employment when they are released. The programme sought to employ the