Rough sleeping in England: autumn 2017 – Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government

Report from the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government information on the single night snapshot of rough sleeping that is taken annually in England using street counts and intelligence driven estimates.

Right To Home?: Rethinking homelessness in rural communities – Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Homelessness across England is on the rise. Rates are high in urban areas and yet many households in rural areas are threatened with or experience homelessness. In 2015/16, 6,270 households were accepted as homeless in England’s 91 mainly and largely

No homes for nurses: How NHS land is being sold off to build unaffordable homes – New Economics Foundation

Report form the New Economics Foundation that finds that 80% of the houses built on former NHS land are unaffordable to Nurses, the average price being £315,279. 10% of the houses built on former NHS Land will be available for

Innovation in housing, care and support : (Briefing Issue 299) – NHS Confederation Mental Health Network

NHS Confederation briefing calling for closer working between the housing sector and health organisations.  Critically it finds that: The housing sector has potential to deliver improved outcomes and financial savings through partnership working with providers of NHS services, clinical commissioning groups and local government.

UK Poverty 2017: A comprehensive analysis of poverty trends and figures – Joseph Rowntree Foundation

UK Poverty 2017 highlights that overall, 14 million people live in poverty in the UK – over one in five of the population. This is made up of eight million working-age adults, four million children and 1.9 million pensioners. 8 million

We can solve poverty in the UK: A strategy for governments, communities, businesses and citizens – Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Independent, long-term strategy to solve poverty in the UK which aligns greater corporate responsibility with an active, enabling state, promoting individual capacity and capability.

UK poverty: Causes, costs and solutions – Joseph Rowntree Foundation

This report explains what poverty is and what causes it, highlights trends and projections in UK poverty, and makes recommendations for tackling: the high costs driving poverty, including housing poverty in childhood poverty in working age poverty in later life

An Occupational Therapist’s Access Checklist – a practical Tool – Housing LIN

This checklist has been developed as a quick reference tool, to support decisions when making recommendations for the design of accessible and inclusive housing, when there may be a case to be made for exceeding the minimum requirements laid out in the

Kindliness – developing peer support within Sheltered Housing in Dorset: (Case Study 143) – Housing LIN

Considers a toolkit created by Bournemouth University working in partnership with Dorset County Council and a number of housing associations to develop peer support in sheltered housing services. It defines the concept of kindliness as it relates to sheltered housing and

The role of home adaptations in improving later life – Centre for Ageing Better

Review providing evidence to make the case for the importance and effectiveness of adaptations, primarily to influence policy-makers at national and local levels, practitioners and local commissioners. The objective is to strengthen their focus on housing in their strategic plans, and commit

Room to improve: The role of home adaptations in improving later life – Centre for Ageing Better

This systematic review of the best recent scientific evidence on how home adaptations can contribute to improving later lives. It shows that minor home aids and adaptations can greatly improve quality of life for people who are losing mobility. For example,

A second class ending: Exploring the barriers and championing outstanding end of life care for people who are homeless – Care Quality Commission

Report from the Care Quality Commission that identifies: The needs of homeless people are not well understood or considered by health and care services. Where services do exist, they are often fragmented and work in relative isolation. These issues are

Dundee smart health and care strategy: a strategic plan for using technology to support people to live Independently and manage their own health and care 2017-2020 – Dundee’s Health & Strategic Care Partnership

A strategic plan for using technology to support people to live independently and manage their own health and care’ brings together telecare and telehealth, equipment and adaptations, and smart accommodation.

Bridging the gap between health and housing. A united approach in South Wales: (Case Study 140) – Housing LIN

Report on the Caerphilly-based housing association United Welsh new wellbeing partnership, Wellbeing 4U, that highlights how it is drawing from housing expertise to improve the patient and GP experience across 25 surgeries in Cardiff and Barry.  

When I’m 64: the ILC-UK factpack on retirement transitions – The International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK)

This is the ILC-UK’s fourth Factpack, setting out the key facts and figures underpinning the longevity revolution. It focus’ attention on those individuals in the “retirement zone” – the age where retirement becomes an increasingly important consideration as individuals leave or plan

Building connected communities: An LGiU/Ramblers survey – Local Government Information Unit and The Ramblers

Report that identifies that local authorities want to build places that encourage walking and active travel. Developers do not always share these priorities, however, and many councils feel the mismatch is a challenge in achieving their goals.  To ensure it happens strong

Health And Wellbeing In Rural Areas – Local Government Association

Local Government Association report, produced in partnership with Public Health England, highlights the specific needs and challenges for health and care provision in rural communities. The report includes case studies showcasing the ways in which local authorities in England are

Housing cost element of Universal Credit: withdrawing entitlement from 18-21 year olds: (Briefing paper SN06473) – House of Commons Library

This Commons Library briefing paper provides information on the decision to restrict entitlement to the housing cost element of Universal Credit for young people aged 18-21. The paper sets out the exemptions that will apply and includes comment on the

Fuel Poverty Action Guide: A practical guide to help MPs, local authority councillors and advice workers answer queries on energy bills, heating, home insulation and energy efficiency – National Energy Action

National Energy Action practical and easy-to-use guide for MPs, Local Authority Councillors to assist them to identify the best solutions for householders who are worried about keeping their homes warm and paying their energy bills.  The detail help and support available from a