Good Enough? : Breast Cancer In The UK – Breast Cancer Now

Report suggesting progress on breast cancer in the UK is “stalling” as a lack of leadership continues to prevent research breakthroughs from reaching patients and sees the NHS miss clear opportunities to save lives. It assesses the most up-to-date UK

Adult And Older Adult Mental Health Services 2012-2016: An analysis of Mental Health NHS Benchmarking Network data for England and Wales: (Briefing 52) – Centre for Mental Health

This report summarises the results of a collaboration between Centre for Mental Health and the NHS Benchmarking Network. The NHS Benchmarking Network (NHSBN) is a member-based organisation of NHS commissioners and providers who collect and analyse data on health care services across the NHS. NHSBN have

Reconfiguration Of NHS Services (England): (Briefing Paper Number 8105) – House of Commons Library

This briefing on reconfiguration of NHS services includes recent policy developments, information on consultation and scrutiny powers, and drivers of major service changes.

Making the case for quality improvement: lessons for NHS boards and leaders – King’s Fund

This report has been co-authored with The Health Foundation. It outlines ten lessons for NHS leaders. These provide a starting point for leaders seeking to embed quality improvement in their work.  The lessons are: Make quality improvement a leadership priority

Sustainability And Transformation Partnerships: Developing Robust Governance Arrangements – Healthcare Financial Management Association

The issue of governance in relation to sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs), accountable care systems and new models of care is a priority consideration on the watching brief of the HFMA’s Governance and Audit Committee. Robust governance arrangements are needed as local plans are

Does Hospital Competition Improve Efficiency? The Effect of the Patient Choice Reform in England: (CHE Research Paper 149) – University of York Centre for Health Economics

Uses the 2006 relaxation of constraints on patient choice of hospital in the English NHS to investigate the effect of hospital competition on dimensions of efficiency including indicators of resource management (admissions per bed, bed occupancy rate, proportion of day

Use of Resources assessment: a brief guide for acute non-specialist trusts – NHS Improvement

The purpose of the Use of Resources assessment is to improve understanding of how effectively and efficiently trusts are using their resources – including their finances, workforce, estates and facilities, technology and procurement – to provide high quality, efficient and sustainable care for

All Change: Why Britain Is So Prone To Policy Reinvention, And What Can Be Done About It – Institute for Government

This report examines three policy areas which have experienced consistent reform and change: further education, regional governance and industrial policy. It outlines the economic and human cost of organisational change in government, and argues that greater scrutiny and accountability is

Securing the future workforce supply: Gastrointestinal endoscopy workforce review – Centre for Workforce Intelligence

This report is a summary of phase 1. Ongoing modelling work to support phase 2 is being taken forward by HEE.   The review was separated into 2 phases: the collation of information and data, and analysis of available data to

Local And National: How The Public Wants The NHS To Be Both – Fabian Society

Fabian Society report that shows that while people may have heard the term ‘devolution’, there is little public understanding of what it entails. It finds that while people believe that local control will improve healthcare and welcome public participation in NHS

Local needs, local voices: Building devolution from the ground up – National Council for Voluntary Organisations

Report from the National Council for Voluntary Organisations that calls for greater transparency in devolution, NCVO said that proof of the involvement of the local voluntary sector should be among clear, published criteria by which future devolution proposals are assessed.

Devo Health: Where Next? – Institute for Public Policy Research

Report on the development of  decentralisation of health and social care funding.  It finds that outside of Manchester, Birmingham and London, things are developing slowly.  It finds: Devo-health is happening – but it is likely to happen slowly Devo-health has the

How is the NHS performing? March 2017 – The King’s Fund

Surevey of Directors of Finance on NHS performance by the King’s Fund that finds despite the recent media focus on access to GPs, the rising number of patients with complex health needs is the key factor behind the increasing pressures

Shifting the balance of care: Great expectations – Nuffield Trust

Makes use of a review of the STPs and an in-depth literature review of 27 initiatives to move care out of hospital, we look at what their impact has been, particularly on cost, and what has contributed to their success

Women in Public life, the Professions and the Boardroom: (Commons Briefing paper SN05170) – House of Commons Library

How are women represented in public life, the professions and the boardroom? This note sets out key trends and statistics, covering politics, public appointments, civil servants the judiciary, the NHS, education and leading private sector vocations. Most of these have seen

Productivity, Technology and the NHS: A Newchurch Paper – Newchurch

Occaisional paper from Newchurch that looks at the approach of the NHS in England to productivity improvement half-way through the implementation of NHS Engand’s ‘Five Year Forward View’ (5YFV). It discusses the prevailing approach to productivity and technology in the NHS

Financial sustainability of the NHS: Forty-third Report of Session 2016–17: Report, together with formal minutes relating to the report – House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts

House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts report that examines the growing pressure on health finances and sets out new and urgent recommendations to government.  It rquires the Department of Health, NHS England and No. 10 to work together suggesting

The importance of physical activity for the NHS workforce – NHS Employers

Infographic from NHS Employers that highlights the importance of physical activity for the NHS workforce.  It sets out how much exercise we should do, the benefits of exercise, as well as some of the ways that NHS Trusts support their

Tackling cyberbulling in the NHS: what you need to know: (Briefing 107) – NHS Employers

Briefing that explores how the NHS currently tackles cyberbulling through examining results of a study conducted by the charity All Rise Say No To Cyber Abuse. As the use of online communication tools continues to increase it is important that

Health and Social Care Integration (England): (Commons Briefing paper CBP-7902) – House of Commons Library

House of Commons Library briefing paper that analyses recent policy and debate on the integration of NHS-provided healthcare and local authority-provided social care. As health and social care are both devolved policy areas, this briefing focuses on integration in England.