Interventions to reduce emergency hospital admissions for falls: (Observatory Report Series number 81) – Liverpool University Public Health Observatory

Falls are a major cause of disability and mortality in the UK. Thirty per cent of those aged 65 and over who live in the community fall each year, rising to 45% for those aged 80 and over (Department of Health, 2009).

Public Health England: Health and Justice Annual Review 2017/18 – Public Health England

This report focusses on some aspects Public Helath England’s  Health and Justice team’s work during the 2017/18 financial year, specifically with regards to: prisons: including a new National Partnership Agreement on Prison Healthcare in England and supporting the Prison Estate Transformation Programme

Enhanced Service Specification: Shingles (catch-up) vaccination programme 2018/19 – NHS England

All GMS practices are expected to provide essential and those additional services they are contracted to provide to all their patients.  Service specification for shingles (catch-up) vaccination programme 2018/19.

Long-term funding of adult social care: First Joint Report of the Health and Social Care and Housing, Communities and Local Government Committees of Session 2017–19: Ninth Report of the Health and Social Care Committee: Seventh Report of the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee – House of Commons Health and Social Care and Housing, Communities and Local Government Committees

House of Commons Committee report that identifies that the combination of rising demand and costs in the face of reductions in funding has placed the social care system under unsustainable strain. In its present state, the system is not fit

National Audit of Breast Cancer in Older Patients: 2018 Annual Report: Results of the Prospective Audit in England and Wales for women diagnosed between January 2014 and December 2016 – National Audit of Breast Cancer in Older Patient

Evaluates the quality of care provided to women aged 70 years or older by breast cancer services in England and Wales. The aim of the audit is to evaluate the care delivered to women from the point of initial diagnosis to

Advancing care, advancing years: improving cancer treatment and care for an ageing population – Cancer Research UK

Cancer UK report that notes that every year around 360,000 people in the UK were diagnosed with cancer in 2015. 36% of these people were 75 and over. By 2035, this proportion will rise to almost half (46%), because of the

Green Paper for Adult Social Care in England British Association of Social Workers: Initial Position Paper – British Association of Social Workers

This paper sets out the position of the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) about what the Green Paper needs to achieve, based on the social work perspective on social care and with particular reference to the role of social

An overview of the ELSA ‘End of Life’ data – Institute for Fiscal Studies

The English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA) is an invaluable source of information on the economic, social and health circumstances of the older population. This report provides an introduction to the ELSA EoL data, the quality of the data, the

Adass Budget Survey 2018 – Association of Directors of Adult Social Services

The results of this survey explore directors of adult social services’ views of how councils are making incredibly difficult decisions in relation to the growing numbers of people requiring care and support with increasingly complex needs and with higher costs,

That Age Old Question – Royal Society for Public Health

Royal Society for Public Health report that reveals that ageist views are held across the generations, and that an ageing society is viewed by many as a challenge rather than an opportunity. We are making a number of recommendations aimed

Behind the Headlines: the battle to get care at home – Age UK

Age UK report that finds families it seems, getting access to decent quality, reliable home care, and maintaining it, is a real battle. Key issues are: Long waits to get an assessment Services that are disjointed or simply unresponsive Social

Supporting Military Veterans in Residential Care: A practical guide – Demos

Veterans face a range of challenges while living in residential care, yet managers and staff were lacking the information and resources they needed to know how best to support them. This guide aims to fill this information gap: helping care home managers,

A better offer for older people: Making extra care housing work for your community – Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS)

Association of Directors of Adult Social Services report sponsored by Mears that examines the potential models and challenges of extra care housing. Extra care housing offers independent living with around-the-clock care and support.  It is clear a one-size-fits-all approach will not suffice.

Voices from the social care crisis :An opportunity to end a broken system, once and for all – The Care and Support Alliance

Care and Support Alliance report on how the social care crisis is affecting the day to day lives of older people, working aged disabled people and unpaid carers across the country.  It identifies that currently at least 1.2 million older people and disabled

The adult social care workforce in England – National Audit Office

This report considers the Department of Health & Social Care’s role in overseeing the adult social care workforce and assesses whether the size and structure of the care workforce are adequate to meet users’ needs for care now, and in

In and Out Of Hospital – British Red Cross

Report form the British Red Cross recommending the following to reduce admissions and readmissions to hospital by vulnerable people: Automatic home assessments should be triggered for people who have come in and out of hospital several times within a few months. The Government

Social care: the forthcoming green paper on older people (England): (Briefing Paper Number 8002) – House of Commons Library

Provides background on the forthcoming Green Paper on social care for older people – there will be a “parallel process” of work looking at social care for working age adults (although it is not clear at this stage if there will be a

Hidden hunger and malnutrition in the elderly – All Party Parliamentary Group on Hunger

All Party Parliamentary Group on Hunger report calling on the government to investigate and record effectively rates of malnutrition in older people. This has an estimated to cost the NHS and social care of £15.7 billion a year by 2030.