Safeguarding Adults Protocol: Pressure Ulcers and the interface with a Safeguarding Enquiry – Department of Health & Social Care

Provides  a framework for health and care organisations when developing guidance for staff in all sectors and agencies that may see a pressure ulcer. If the staff member is concerned that the pressure ulcer may have arisen as a result of poor

The impact of the ‘Food First’ approach in a residential care home: Warrington and Halton NHS Foundation Trust – NHS Improvement

Warrington and Halton NHS Foundation Trust looks at how staff need to recognise where a diet may result in nutritional depletion and the impact on wound healing.

Helping to prevent infection: A quick guide for managers and staff in care homes – Social Care Institute for Excellence

Reminder for Mangers and Staff in care homes of the importance and methodolgies of infection prevention. The guide covers: Hand decontamination Personal protective equipment Sharps Waste disposal Education and information

Accountable Care Organisations: (Briefing Paper Number CBP 8190)

An Accountable Care Organisations (ACO) is a model of healthcare organisation where a provider, or group of providers, takes responsibility for the healthcare provision of an entire population. There is no fixed definition of an ACO, but the organisation usually receives an annual,

Reducing avoidable hospital based care: re-thinking out of hospital clinical pathways – South East Clinical Senate

Improving health outcomes, preventing serious illness, providing convenient, timely and cost effective care, and avoiding the unnecessary use of acute hospitals, is a shared goal across the NHS, and requires a radical re-think about how and where care is delivered,

Leading Large Scale Change: a practical guide: A guide to leading large scale change through complex health and social care environments – NHS England

Leading Large Scale Change: a practical guide has been produced by the NHS England Sustainable Improvement Team and the Horizons Team, NHS England, to help all those involved in seeking to achieve transformational change in complex health and care environments.

Local system reviews: Interim report – Care Quality Commission

The local system reviews are designed to consider what it is like for older people in the system. In a fragmented system, circumstances can be created (unintentionally) that provide an experience that none of us would want our friends or family to endure. 

Framework for maximising the use of care homes and use of therapy-led units for patients medically fit for discharge – NHS England

This best practice framework aims to address two models and the implementation approach that needs to be taken by sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs) and their provider organisations with ensuing threats to patient safety, during the winter months.  In using this

Doing Care Differently – Independent Age

Report from Independent Age about what is required to deliver a social care funding solution for now and the future.  It identifies six themes dominating discussions on social care: Demand; Funding and Responsibility Quality Integrated care Technology Sustainability It identifies that integration

Enhanced health in care homes: learning from experiences so far – The King’s Fund

This report draws on published literature about joining up and co-ordinating care homes and health services. It also draws on interviews with a range of providers, local authorities and CCGs. It aims to help care homes and NHS providers (including

Making Safeguarding Personal: What might ‘good’ look like for health and social care commissioners and providers? – Local Government Association and ADASS

Commissioners and providers across the health and social care sectors play a critical part in safeguarding adults, both on the front line and at a strategic level, as partners on safeguarding adults boards. This resource is intended to support the

Government response to the House of Commons Health Committee report Brexit and health and social care – people & process – Department of Health

Response that identifies the main policy areas affected by the UK’s withdrawal from the EU (and for which the Department of Health has the lead within Government) are the health and care workforce, medicines regulation and the supply chain, reciprocal healthcare and public

Unlocking a different future: An independent evaluation of Project Future – Centre for Mental Health

Project Future has looked at the lived experience of young marginalised men with experience in the criminal justice system, often labelled ‘gang-affiliated’ and who have had poor access to services. It identifies that NHS, local authorities and others should offer

Discussing and planning medicines support: A quick guide for home care managers providing medicines support – Social Care Institute for Excellence

Medicines support for adults may be provided by a number of different people, including family, healthcare professionals and homecare staff. It is essential to be clear about what support is needed and who will provide it. As far as possible, the

Scoping Review on Social Care Economic Evaluation Methods: (CHE Research Paper 150) – University of York Centre for Health Economics

A systematic review of the published literature and a survey of experts to inform NICE on the methods available for use in undertaking economic evaluation of social care interventions. It identifies the methods in development, the methods challenges faced and the

Health and social care needs assessment of the older prison population – Public Health England

This document provides evidence-based guidance on how to carry out a health and social care needs assessment of older people in prisons. Commissioners of prison healthcare services and social care services can use this to understand the needs of older

State of the Nation: Older people and malnutrition in the UK today – Malnutrition Task Force

Bringing together information, statistics and evidence from across the health and social care system to highlight what is happening to older people who are malnourished or at risk of malnutrition in England. It examines the causes and consequences of malnutrition in

Social Workers Speak Out About The State Of Care Today – Care & Support Alliance

Report on responses to a survey in Community Care aimed at social workers and other professionals who undertake care assessments. It asked a series of questions about what it is like for them doing their jobs today, particularly asking about any

What Works: Hearing Loss and Healthy Ageing: A guide for commissioners and providers of social and medical care to older people with hearing loss to help maintain health, wellbeing and independence – NHS England

A guide for commissioners and providers of social and medical care for older people with hearing loss to help maintain health, wellbeing and independence.  Guide produced to help deliver more of the recommendations in the Action Plan on Hearing Loss.

Review Of Adult Social Care Complaints 2016/17 – Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman

Councils and care providers implemented more than 1300 recommendations following individual complaints in 2016/17.  This report from the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman looks at the impact of complaints on the indiviaduals concerned.