The surprising benefits to performance that mechanising assurance can bring – Good Governance Institute

Allocate Software funded white paper from the Good Governance Institute looking at the benefits that mechanising assurance, and the use of integrated assurance software, can bring to NHS organisations and wider systems.  this is particularly relevant as the environment becomes more complex

Spotlight on the 10 High Impact Actions – Royal College of General Practitioners

Royal College of General Practitioners research on the effectiveness of NHS England’s Time for Care Programme, specifically its 10 High Impact Actions: a range of initiatives that were introduced with the aim of increasing capacity in general practice and reducing

Facing the Future Audit 2017: Facing the Future: Standards for acute general paediatric services: Facing the Future: Together for child health – Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

This audit covers Facing the Future: Standards for acute general paediatric services and Facing the Future: Together for child health. It highlights gaps within paediatric rotas, with not enough consultants present within the hospital during times of self-identified peak activity.

Accountability in modern government: what are the issues?: A discussion paper – Institute for Government

Weak accountability increases the risk of failure of public services – whether through financial mismanagement, chronic underperformance or the collapse of services. This report from the Institute for Government notes a tendency to overemphasise blame when something goes wrong. Instead of frank conversations

Cyber-attack on the NHS: Thirty-Second Report of Session 2017–19: Report, together with formal minutes relating to the report – House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts

Report on the WannaCry cyber-attack on the NHS that draws 6 conlusions: The NHS was not prepared for WannaCry and there is a long way to go before agreed, prioritised and costed plans for improving cyber security are in place across the

Accounting for the quality of NHS output: (CHE Research Paper 153) – University of York Centre for Health Economics

This review provides the conceptual framework needed to select potentially appropriate characteristics of healthcare outputs to be included in a measure of NHS output. To this end the research team has evaluated three published sets of criteria developed by national

Making Education Governance A Reality In The North West: What it means to NHS organisations and a guide to its successful promotion and adoption – NHS North West

This document aims to define Education Governance, set out its benefits, describe the way in which NHS North West will support this agenda and provide guidance on making it a reality in your organisation.

The two billion pound question: Is there an opportunity to move from meeting to managing demand?: Reframing demand at the health and care interface – Impower

This report was published on the anniversary of the Government’s announcement of an additional £2 billion for adult social care in the 2017 Budget. With £1 billion of the funding almost spent, and another £1 billion to be invested by

The Kerslake Report: An independent review into the preparedness for, and emergency response to, the Manchester Arena attack on 22nd May 2017 – Police & Crime Commissioner of Greater Manchester

An independent report into the emergency response to the Manchester Arena attack it highlights several areas that went well including: Investment in emergency planning meant people were generally able to act with a high degree of confidence. Actions by individuals

Tough Task: The NHS delivering for patients and staff in 2018/19 – NHS Providers

Based on a survey of NHS trust leaders, this report reveals widespread scepticism about the ability of the service to meet performance and financial targets in 2018/19. It argues that patients’ experience of care will continue to fall below the

NHS Innovation Accelerator Evaluation: Final Report – Institute for Employment Studies

Evaluation of the NHS Innovation Accelerator which was created to help create conditions and cultural change to generate faster and more systematic uptake of healthcare innovations across the NHS. It establishes the common conditions essential for adoption and spread of

PFI and PF2: HM Treasury – National Audit Office

National Audit Office briefing on the rationale, costs and benefits of the Private Finance Initiative; the use of and impact of PFI, and ability to make savings from operational contracts; and the introduction of PF2. There are currently over 700 operational

Sustainability and transformation in the NHS: Department of Health and Social Care – National Audit Office

Report from the National Audit Office that finds that the NHS has received extra funding, but this has mostly been used to cope with current pressures and has not provided the stable platform intended from which to transform services. Despite

Winter pressures in the NHS: Briefing for opposition day debate – NHS Providers

Ahead of an opposition day debate in Parliament, NHS Providers has produced a briefing on NHS winter pressures. It includes: NHS Providers key messages on NHS winter pressures Analysis of NHS England’s weekly winter performance data How staff are going

Leading Large Scale Change: a practical guide: A guide to leading large scale change through complex health and social care environments – NHS England

Leading Large Scale Change: a practical guide has been produced by the NHS England Sustainable Improvement Team and the Horizons Team, NHS England, to help all those involved in seeking to achieve transformational change in complex health and care environments.

Life Sciences Sector Report – House of Commons Exiting the European Union Committee

House of Commons Committee on Exiting the European Union assessment of the impact of Brexit on the Life Science Sector including Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals.

Medical Services and Social Care Sector Report – House of Commons Exiting the European Union Committee

House of Commons Committee on Exiting the European Union assessment of the impact of Brexit on the Medical Services and Social Care Sector.

Falling short: Why the NHS is still struggling to make the most of new innovations – Nuffield Trust

Nuffield Trust report on the slow adoption of innovations by the NHS that finds it is due to: An overly supply-driven and top-down approach to innovation. Shifts towards the co-production of solutions between clinicians and industry are encouraging, but initiatives

Building a Britain for the future: Understanding the Industrial Strategy white paper – NHS Confederation

Summary of the Government’s Industrial Strategy white paper and its implications for the NHS. The white paper identifies that: How the UK approaches its ageing society is clearly a critical issue and identifies that new markets for associated innovations are being sought.

The Medico-Legal Crisis And How To Solve It – Centre for Policy Studies

Report that finds NHS’ liabilities for medico-legal claims now total £65bn, draining the NHS of much-needed funds and putting patients at risk by driving GPs out of practice. The report puts forward nine recommendations to bring down costs for the NHS