Cover paper for the Animal Health, Food Safety and Public Health risk assessments for Chronic Wasting Disease and TSEs in cervids – Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, Food Standards Agency, and Public Health England

The recent detection of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), a disease of cervids (mammal of the deer family), for the first time in Europe raises concerns about domestic exposure to CWD prions and risks to human health.  These assessments consider the risk of introduction

Acetylene: health effects, incident management and toxicology – Public Health England

Updated information on acetylene (also known as ethyne) for use in responding to chemical incidents. The documents provide information on the health effects of exposure, the chemical’s toxicity and material for responding to a chemical incident.

GP Forward View: Assessment of progress Year 2 – Royal College of General Practitioners

Report that finds several key areas where progress is being made, including: promises of a state-backed medical indemnity for GPs in England more GPs in training than ever before the establishment of the NHS GP health service, which is highly rated

How to produce a Sustainable Development Management Plan (SDMP) – The Sustainable Development Unit and NHS Improvement

Organisations have a duty to protect the health of future generations by reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change. The health and care system reduced emissions by 18.5% up to 2017. While this is good progress, it is still behind

NHS England Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response annual assurance guidance – NHS England

This guidance document has been produced to provide guidance to organisations completing the Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response (EPRR) annual assurance process.  

Sustainable County Social Care: A Green Paper that Delivers a New Deal for Counties – County Councils Network

Paper from the County Councils Network that calls for a fully-funded Cap on the cost of social care to prevent services, care providers and councils being pushed closer to breaking point.  It also makes the case that if the government’s reform agenda is

Government Response to the First Joint Report of the Education and Health and Social Care Committees of Session 2017-19 on Transforming Children and Young People’s Mental Health Provision: A Green Paper – Department of Health and Social Care and Department for Education

Government response to the joint report of the Education and Health and Social Care Committees on ‘Transforming children and young people’s mental health provision: a green paper’. It also gives the Governments response to the consultation on the Green Paper. This consultation

Supporting Primary Care Services: NHS England’s contract with Capita: Fifty-Seventh Report of Session 2017–19: Report, together with formal minutes relating to the report – House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts

Report from the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee that find NHS England’s outsourcing of primary care support services to Capita Business Services Ltd (Capita) a shambles. Its short-sighted rush to slash by a third the £90 million it cost

Leadership in today’s NHS: delivering the impossible – The King’s Fund

King’s Fund survey data from 145 trusts shows that executive director vacancies in NHS providers are widespread.  Key findings include: 8 per cent of executive director posts are vacant 37% of trusts have at least one vacant executive director role,

Urology: GIRFT Programme National Specialty Report – Getting It Right First Time

Following visits to 134 trusts providing urology services, this report examines the way that urology is currently provided in England and sets out 18 recommendations to improve the these services.  The recommendations bring opportunities for efficiencies and savings of up

CCG 360° stakeholder survey 2017/18: National report – NHS England

A central part of the CCG assessment process is the 2017 CCG 360 Stakeholder Survey, the findings of which are presented in this report. A key aim of the survey is to enable NHS England to assess whether CCGs are

Housing, planning and homelessness: Moving the conversation on – Local Government Association

In life every one of us needs a stable and secure home, it is central to leading healthy, fulfilled and productive lives. But for too many people housing is unavailable, unaffordable, or not appropriate for what they need. Aheald of

A Sustainable Adult Social Care And Support System For The Long Term: Moving The Conversation On – Local Government Association

Paper building the case for long term, sustained investment in local government as well as laying out the positive outcomes this would deliver for the country.  Ahead of the Social Care Green Paper this report aims to help define what a system

Mental health: how do you know your council is doing all it can to improve mental health – Local Government Association

Local government makes a vital contribution to promoting good mental health in individuals and communities. The main ways this happens are through: system-wide leadership through health and wellbeing boards (HWBs) public health responsibilities to promote mental wellbeing and prevent poor

Identifying options for funding the NHS and social care in the UK: international evidence: Funding options for the NHS and social care in the UK – The Health Foundation

This paper aims to: provide examples of funding configurations for health and social care, as well as changes that have been implemented, or are being considered, in a range of high-income countries explore the drivers of recent or planned health

Investigation Into The Transition From Child And Adolescent Mental Health Services To Adult Mental Health Services – Healthcare Safety Investigation Bureau

Reviews the transition from children and adolescent mental health services to understand how variations in the transition impacts the safe and effective care of young people. It makes a number of recommendations to national NHS organisations to make the transition

Financial sustainability of local authorities: Fiftieth Report of Session 2017–19: Report, together with formal minutes relating to the report – House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts

After seven years of government funding reductions totalling nearly 50 per cent and rising demand for services, local authorities are under real strain according to this House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts report/. Key services that support vulnerable people,

Achieving the Provision of Integrated Care: Exploring the development and successful implementation internationally of new models of integrated care – National Association of Primary Care

This report of a two-day symposium attended by health experts from the UK, USA and Ireland, traces the development and impact of integrated care to date, homes in on some examples of successful practice and draws out the key lessons for later-adopters.

The health and social care interface: Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, Department of Health & Social Care and NHS England – National Audit Office

National Audit Office  report that presents and discuss 16 challenges to improved joint working. It highlights some of the work being carried out nationally and locally to overcome these challenges and the progress that has been made. It also identifies some

Beyond barriers: How older people move between health and social care in England – Care Quality Commission

Reviews how the local area works within and across three key areas: Maintaining people’s health and wellbeing at home Care and support when people experience a crisis Supporting people when they leave hospital Finds: Organisations intended to work together but mostly