Leadership in integrated care systems: Report prepared for the NHS Leadership Academy – Social Care Institute for Excellence

Indemnity in general practice: Developing a more stable affordable future – Department of Health and Social Care

The document ‘Indemnity in general practice: further information’ sets out progress that has been made in the development of a state-backed indemnity scheme. This information marks the start of detailed work with GP representatives and others. It outlines current assumptions

UK immunisation schedule: the green book, chapter 11 – Public Health England

Fully updated  guidance to reflect all the recent changes to the routine childhood immunisation schedule, as well as those to the adult programme. The revised recommendations for administering more than one live vaccine and eligibility for the HPV programme have

Dependence and withdrawal associated with some prescribed medicines: an evidence review – Public Health England

Public Health England containing the results of a public health evidence review of available data and published evidence on the problems of dependence and withdrawal associated with some prescribed medicines. It points to issues of GP prescribing and highlights how patients

Primary care networks: a quiet revolution: A guide for provider organisations on how to engage effectively with PCNs – NHS Providers and NHS Confederation

Guide to support provider organisations to engage effectively with primary care networks (PCN). The briefing draws on official guidance and discussions with both PCN leaders and providers of community services. It explores the role of PCNs, what the emerging picture

Social prescribing link workers: Reference guide for primary care networks – NHS England and NHS Improvement

This guide is provided as additional information to help primary care networks (PCNs) introduce the new role of social prescribing link worker into their multi-disciplinary teams as part of the expansion to the primary care workforce introduced under the GP

HSC (2000) 018 : Personal medical services: application process for third wave pilots – NHS Executive

The purpose of this circular is to invite applications for the establishment of third wave Personal Medical Services pilots; and to provide guidance, a timetable and outline conditions for applications to Health Authorities, NHS Community and Primary Care Trusts and

HSC (2000) 001 : Tackling violence towards GPs and their staff: the NHS (Choice of Medical Practitioner) Amendment Regulations 1999 – NHS Executive

This circular is intended to help HAs/PCTs/PCGs/practices and GPs implement proposals to address the problems of violent behaviour in General Practice, building on the measures which were introduced in 1994 [FHSL (94)24]. The guidance describes the amendment to the National

Routine childhood immunisations from autumn 2019 – Public Health England

Information for health professionals on childhood immunisations. This routine childhood immunisation schedule (autumn 2019) includes the Infanrix hexa© vaccine for the infant programme for infants born on or after the 1 August 2017 and the universal HPV programme for eligible