Counter-terrorism in the NHS: Evaluating prevent duty safeguarding in the NHS – Department of Politics and International Studies University of Warwick

Prevent counter-terrorism training in the NHS is positioned as a safeguarding element of corporate governance.  This report identifies NHS staff are comfortable with the Prevent training provided and feel confident to detect radicalisation,  However NHS staff strongly identified hate speech,

Integrated Urgent Care / NHS 111 Workforce Blueprint: Workforce Governance Guide – NHS England

This document brings together best practice from across the IUC professions to: describe what good support of clinical practice looks like; provide assurance for providers, patients and healthcare professionals; and mitigate against increased indemnity. Caters for the range of registered

Technical Guidance for Refreshing NHS Plans 2018/19 Annex M: Joint Technical Guidance for Performance and Activity – NHS England

This document describes the indicators in Refreshing NHS Plans for 2018/19 to set out for each measure definitions, monitoring, and accountability and planning requirements.

Technical Guidance for Refreshing NHS Plans 2018/19 Annex E: NHS England CCG Guidance for Operational and Activity Plans – UNIFY submissions – NHS England

This guidance provides further advice on some of the issues commissioners should consider when setting out their approach to planning.  Specifically it relates to the deliverables for which commissioners are required to submit 2018/19 operational and activity plans to UNIFY.

Technical Guidance for Refreshing NHS Plans 2018/19 Annex D: NHS England Guidance for Finance Business Rules – NHS England

This document provides further guidance on some of the financial matters, such as business rules, that commissioners should consider when setting out their approach to 2018/19 operational plans.

Technical Guidance for Refreshing NHS Plans 2018/19 Annex C2: Guidance on the process for agreeing Variations and resolving disputes – NHS England

This document provides guidance on the process for variation and updating of contractual terms during the course of a multi-year contract and sets out the expectations of NHS England and NHS Improvement as to how any disputes on updating of

Technical Guidance for Refreshing NHS Plans 2018/19 Annex C1: Joint Contract Dispute Resolution Process for 2018/19 – NHS England

This joint Dispute Resolution Process, agreed by NHS England and NHS Improvement, applies to the agreement of new healthcare commissioning contracts for the 2018/19 financial year.  

NHS treatment of private patients: the impact on NHS finances and NHS patient care – Centre for Health and the Public Interest

Centre for Health and the Public Interest report that asks two central questions resulting from the implementation of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 Whether the treatment of private patients generates additional income for NHS hospital trusts? Whether the treatment of

Instant messaging in the NHS: An exploration of the relationship between consumer messaging applications and modern healthcare delivery – CommonTime

Delivering a high standard of care relies on effective frontline communication. This report explores the reasons why UK healthcare professionals are turning to consumer messaging apps to meet this need. It finds NHS staff communicating via consumer-oriented instant messaging services (such as WhatsApp

Frontline online: Smarter blue light services – Reform

Call from the think tank Reform for emergency services to accelerate the move from simply replicating current administrative processes digitally, to a smarter and more joined-up approach. It identifes the opportunity is great: and claims this will result in more

ODESSA: Optimising care delivery models to support ageing-in-place – University of Sheffield

Brings together international research findings on current long-term care delivery models for older people and assesses the key factors that allow them to live independently for longer.  It reports on a  three-year project investigated new and innovative ways of adapting a

How population health management will deliver a sustainable NHS – Good Governance Institute

Good Governance Institute report that explores the potential of population health management (PHM) to deliver a more sustainable version of the NHS by looking at what it takes to develop an integrated healthcare model, evaluating system maturity to embrace PHM,

Sustainability and transformation partnerships (STP) survey findings – HFMA

Survey from HFMA that finds that 60% of trust finance directors and 42% of clinical commissioning group (CCG) chief finance officers (CFOs) were concerned about STP governance arrangements. It highlighted the alignment of STP decision-making with organisationalaccountability as a key governance

National Minimum Wage: sleep-in care: (Bulletin Number CBP 8243) – House of Commons Library

In April 2017 the Employment Appeal Tribunal handed down judgment in Royal Mencap Society v Tomlinson-Blake, providing further guidance on whether employees who undertake sleep-in duties are entitled the National Minimum Wage (NMW) for the time during which they are

NHS workforce race equality a case for diverse board – NHS England

This report highlights the importance of inclusive boards in the NHS and provides guidance on working towards creating inclusive cultures.

Integrated Urgent Care / NHS 111 Workforce Blueprint: Workforce Survey: Recommendations for Managers – NHS England

This document provides recommendations developed following a survey of NHS 111 workforce in 2016 to help managers ensure that staff satisfaction is addressed and that staff are properly supported and able to provide the best care for patients.

Care Quality Commission: regulating health and social care: Twenty-Fourth Report of Session 2017–19: Report, together with formal minutes relating to the report – House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts

Report that finds significant improvement in the Care Quality Commission but notes it still does not make inspection reports available to the public quickly enough following an inspection and it needs to improve how it interacts with and regulates GP practices.

Corrections to Refreshing NHS Plans for 2018/19 published by NHS England and NHS Improvement on 2 February 2018 – NHS England and NHS Improvement

Corrections to guidance, published jointly by NHS England and NHS Improvement, which sets out the plans for the NHS in light of the November 2017 budget announcements. It outlines how the additional funding will impact on emergency and urgent care, elective

Technical Guidance for Refreshing NHS Plans 2018/19 – NHS England and NHS Improvement

This document details the operational planning technical guidance annexes that support the submission of commissioner and provider templates.

Monitoring the Mental Health Act in 2016/17 – Care Quality Commission

Annual report from the Care Quality commission on implementation of the Mental Health Act  that finds limited or no improvement in the key concerns that have been raised in the previous years. It concludes that mental health services are not