Health, Ageing and Support: survey of views of people aged 50 and over: A study for the Department of Health – Department of Health and Social Care

This report provides the results from an Ipsos MORI survey of the views of people aged 50 or over on health, ageing and support. The survey was conducted on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care, and fieldwork

Eye Health Needs Assessment of people in Lincolnshire, Rutland, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire – Public Health England

Good eye health will enable people to live as independently as possible, have a high quality of life and save the cost of avoidable visual loss. As well as providing an overview of population need in the region and eye

A better offer for older people: Making extra care housing work for your community – Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS)

Association of Directors of Adult Social Services report sponsored by Mears that examines the potential models and challenges of extra care housing. Extra care housing offers independent living with around-the-clock care and support.  It is clear a one-size-fits-all approach will not suffice.

Voices from the social care crisis :An opportunity to end a broken system, once and for all – The Care and Support Alliance

Care and Support Alliance report on how the social care crisis is affecting the day to day lives of older people, working aged disabled people and unpaid carers across the country.  It identifies that currently at least 1.2 million older people and disabled

Vaccination against Shingles: Information for healthcare professionals – Public Health England

The aim of the herpes zoster (shingles) vaccination programme is to reduce the incidence and severity of shingles disease in older people and started in September 2013.  The guidance for healthcare professionals document includes information on: shingles infection programme delivery shingles

Creative and cultural activities and wellbeing in later life – Age UK

Age UK report outlining the importance for us all of participating in creative and cultural activities to maintain our wellbeing and feel good as we get older. The research identifies the key factors that enable participation and enjoyment of cultural

Health warning for employers: Supporting older workers with health conditions – Centre for Ageing Better

Centre for Ageing Better report that argues that employers are not properly supporting older workers experiencing long-term physical and mental health conditions. Health is the most important factor affecting older workers’ decisions to stop working before reaching state pension age. This

My future wishes: Advance Care Planning (ACP) for people with dementia in all care settings – NHS England

This document aims to assist practitioners, providers and health and social care commissioners create opportunities for people living with dementia to develop an Advance Care Plan (ACP).

Care and support of people growing older with learning disabilities: NICE guideline [NG96] – NICE

This guideline covers care and support for adults with learning disabilities as they grow older. It covers identifying changing needs, planning for the future, and delivering services including health, social care and housing. It aims to support people to access

‘Why call it care when no one cares?’: An Age UK campaign report about how older people and their families experience the crisis in social care – Age UK

Report on a listening event that asked  127 older people and their families, around the country, in depth about the social care system, its successes, failures and how it could be improved.  It finds: Too many professional carers just don’t have

Managing the hospital and social care interface: Interventions targeting older adults – Nuffield Trust

This report explores the actions and strategies that providers and commissioners have put in place to improve the interface between secondary and social care, with a focus on what hospitals can do.

Integrating Mental Health And Social Care: Does It Work In Practice? – Centre for Mental Health

This briefing looks at the integration of mental health and social care, the benefits behind this and the challenges faced on the ground. It argues that the current pressures on both the health and care systems can conceal the day-to-day challenges of

Pulling Together – Mental Health Foundation

Outlines the benefits of peer-support groups for older people’s mental health and for improving social connectedness in later life. It aims to support the establishment and development of peer-support groups and to share the learning.

Adult Social Care Funding: A Local Or National Responsibility?: (IFS Briefing note BN227) – Institute for Fiscal Studies

This report discusses government plans to abolish general grant funding for councils from 2020. It argues that ongoing reforms to local government finance risk a growing funding gap for adult social care and conflict with efforts to provide consistent and

Adding extra years to life and extra life to those years: Local government guide to healthy ageing – Local Government Association

The population is ageing. Over the last 10 years the number of people aged over 65 in England increased by a fifth – that’s nearly 1.7 million extra older people. But while the greater longevity is to be welcomed, far

SACN Statement on Diet, Cognitive Impairment and Dementias – Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition

Provides an overview of the currently available evidence on nutrition and cognitive impairment and dementias in adults. This statement considers evidence relevant to the prevention of cognitive impairment or dementias. This statement is not focused on evidence relevant to the

ODESSA: Optimising care delivery models to support ageing-in-place – University of Sheffield

Brings together international research findings on current long-term care delivery models for older people and assesses the key factors that allow them to live independently for longer.  It reports on a  three-year project investigated new and innovative ways of adapting a

Supporting older people with hearing loss in care settings: A guide for managers and staff – Action on Hearing Loss

Action on Hearing Loss guide to help staff working in longer-term care settings provide high-quality care and support to older people with hearing loss. It is written for care home managers, and the accompanying information sheets are for both managers and

Promising approaches to living well with dementia – Age Concern

A practical resourcefrom Age Concern for individuals and organisations working in communities to support people living with dementia, and their carers. Its focus is on what works in supporting people with dementia to live well – looking at services and supports beyond the

Return on investment of falls prevention programmes in older people in the community – Public Health England

The return on investment tool pulls together evidence on the effectiveness and associated costs for interventions aimed at preventing falls in older people living in the community. The flexible Excel sheet allows for results to be tailored to the local