Local Health and Care Record Exemplars A summary – Local Government Association and NHS England

Summary of the Local Health and Care Records Exemplars programme which aims to build on existing local leadership, accelerate the compliant, secure and ethical sharing of information to improve patient care locally and help spread benefits more rapidly across England. It aims

Young People Living Independently: A study by the Social Security Advisory Committee (Occasional Paper No. 20) – Social Security Advisory Committee

This Social Security Advisory Committee (SSAC) report examines the effect of the support provided through the benefit system to young people living independently – that is, those not living with parents or other relatives or guardians.  These young claimants often have

Dementia-friendly Rural Communities Guide: A practical guide for rural communities to support people affected by dementia – Alzheimer’s Society

This guide from the Alzheimer’s Society contains information about how dementia affects people’s experience of living and working in a rural community. It provides community-led guidance and signposting to resources to help support people living with dementia and their carers

Social care funding options: How much and where from? – The Health Foundation

Report from the Health Foundation and Kings Fund that considers the costs associated with: continuing the current social care system introducing free personal care as exists in Scotland raising the means test for receiving publicly funded care (the ‘floor’) and introducing

Dementia – the true cost: fixing the care crisis – Alzheimer’s Society

In the UK today, two thirds of people using homecare and 70% of people in care homes live with some form of dementia (UKHCA 2013 and Alzheimer’s Society 2014). Dementia is potentially the most complex and challenging condition social care has to

Health, Ageing and Support: survey of views of people aged 50 and over: A study for the Department of Health – Department of Health and Social Care

This report provides the results from an Ipsos MORI survey of the views of people aged 50 or over on health, ageing and support. The survey was conducted on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care, and fieldwork

Transgender awareness in child and family social work education – National Institute of Economic and Social Research

This research provides evidence on: transgender awareness in social work education and training transgender awareness amongst child and family social workers transgender people’s experiences of child and family social work in England

Liverpool Local system review report: Health and Wellbeing Board – Care Quality Commission

Care Quality Commission review that looks at how hospitals, community health services, GP practices, care homes and homecare agencies work together to provide seamless care for older people living in a local area.  It finds: a clear strategic direction for

A fork in the road: Next steps for social care funding reform The costs of social care funding options, public attitudes to them – and the implications for policy reform – The Health Foundation and King’s Fund

Combining new financial modelling, public perceptions work and policy analysis to identify the problems with adult social care in England and outline options for its reform. The report indends to make explicit the advantages and disadvantages, impact and consequences of

Eye Health Needs Assessment of people in Lincolnshire, Rutland, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire – Public Health England

Good eye health will enable people to live as independently as possible, have a high quality of life and save the cost of avoidable visual loss. As well as providing an overview of population need in the region and eye

NHS at 70: Public attitudes to the health and care system – IPSOS Mori

Slide deck and data from an Ipsos MORI survey of the general public in England about their views towards funding of the NHS, and their priorities when receiving care. Demonstrates rising public concern for the future of the NHS and

A better offer for older people: Making extra care housing work for your community – Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS)

Association of Directors of Adult Social Services report sponsored by Mears that examines the potential models and challenges of extra care housing. Extra care housing offers independent living with around-the-clock care and support.  It is clear a one-size-fits-all approach will not suffice.

Voices from the social care crisis :An opportunity to end a broken system, once and for all – The Care and Support Alliance

Care and Support Alliance report on how the social care crisis is affecting the day to day lives of older people, working aged disabled people and unpaid carers across the country.  It identifies that currently at least 1.2 million older people and disabled

What can England learn from the long-term care system in Japan? – Nuffield Trust

This report offers an overview of the Japanese long-term care insurance system and highlights the pertinent points of learning for England, in order to provoke debate and bring new ideas and potential solutions to the green paper discussions.  In 2000  Japan introduced

Sleep-ins – A tipping point?: An independent survey to assess the impact of the sleep in pay crisis on the future of social care – Voluntary Organisations Disability Group

This report sets out the results from the independent survey to assess the impact of the sleep in pay crisis on the future of social care. It finds 30% of people are likely to have their services disrupted in the next year

The adult social care workforce in England: Thirty-Eighth Report of Session 2017–19: Report, together with formal minutes relating to the report – House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts

Report from the House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts, suggesting the adult social care sector is underfunded, with the care workforce suffering from low pay, low esteem and high turnover of staff.

The Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDeR) Programme: Annual Report 2017 – University of Bristol Norah Fry Centre for Disability Studies

This annual report summarises the learning and recommendation from 103 reviews of deaths of people with learning disabilities during 2017. The most commonly reported learning and recommendations were made in relation to the need for: Inter-agency collaboration and communication Awareness

Funding supported housing for all: Specialised Supported Housing for people with a learning disability – Mencap

Mencap report that estimates that the Specialised Supported Housing (SHH) sector is more than double the size of previous estimates and that demand for SHH is rising. The research also finds that living independently with support in the community has a positive

Patient-centred care for older people with complex needs: Evaluation of a new care model in outer east London – Nuffield Trust

Traditional models of care for older people focus on a single condition, even though the growing prevalence of comorbidities means that health care costs are increasing. Recognising this, and the fact that a significant proportion of care takes place outside of formal