The range and magnitude of alcohol’s harm to others: A report delivered to the Five Nations Health Improvement Network: A rapid review of cross-sectional surveys – Public Health England

There’s a lot of evidence about the relationship between alcohol consumption and harm experienced by drinkers such as ill health, disability and death. But there is less evidence to bring together what we know about the detrimental effects alcohol has

Older Men At The Margins: Guidance For Practitioners And Services Providing Groups For Older Men – Age UK

Older Men at the Margins was a two-year study to understand how men aged 65 and over from different social backgrounds and circumstances experienced loneliness and social isolation. It also explored the formal and informal ways they sought to stay

Under the skin: Listening to the voices of older people on influenza immunisation – International Longevity Centre UK

Preventing ill-health and reducing the burden of disease is  increasingly recognised as vital in the context of an ageing society, and influenza immunisation programmes are a key plank of preventative strategies in many countries across the world. Rates of influenza

Raising the equality flag: Health inequalities among older LGBT people in the UK – International Longevity Centre UK

New data analysis shows that LGBT men and women aged 50+ have poorer self-rated health and are more likely to have other conditions that impact their health and wellbeing. This analysis has, for the first time, demonstrated strongly that these

Making Individual Placement and Support work: An evaluation of implementation and sustainability – Centre for Mental Health

For many people who use mental health services, having a job is an important part of recovery; yet few get the opportunity to look for paid work with the right support.  This is a report of an evaluation to explore the

Above And Beyond: How Voluntary Sector Providers Of Disability Support Add Value To Communities – Voluntary Organisations Disability Group

Report considering the influence and potential of voluntary sector providers of social care through real life stories from four disability support providers from across England. The report outlines the voluntary care sector’s key impacts, including: engaging local partners and harnessing

Changing Lives: the social impact of participation in culture and sport: Eleventh Report of Session 2017–19: Report, together with formal minutes relating to the report – House of Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee

House of Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee report that finds that opportunities to reap major benefits in criminal justice, education and health are being missed by the failure of government to recognise and harness social impact. It argues

21st Century Social Care: What’s wrong with social care and how we can fix it – Policy Exchange

Policy Exchange report exploring  the nature and extent of the serious and urgent problems affecting the provision of social care in the UK. It identifies how these problems have evolved from the institutional structures developed for providing health and social

State of the Nation 2018-19: Social Mobility in Great Britain – Social Mobility Commission

Social Mobility Commission report that assesses the progress that Great Britain has made towards improving social mobility. It highlights that inequality is entrenched in Britain, from birth to work. It also finds that being born privileged means you are likely

Making Individual Placement and Support work: An evaluation of implementation and sustainability – Centre for Public Health

For many people who use mental health services, having a job is an important part of recovery; yet few get the opportunity to look for paid work with the right support.  This is a report of an evaluation to explore the critical success factors for

Integrated Monitoring System: Annual Report: Cheshire and Merseyside 2017/18 – Liverpool John Moores University Public Health Institute

The annual report for the Integrated Monitoring System (IMS) details activity delivered during the 2017-18 financial year by 50 drug and alcohol services and 95 pharmacies across Merseyside and Cheshire. The report provides information on presentations to needle and syringe

STOP-SV: a training programme to prevent nightlife-related sexual violence (Evaluation Report) – Liverpool John Moores University Public Health Institute

Globally, sexual violence places large burdens on individuals’ health and well-being, as well as local communities and services. However, few prevention strategies exist that specifically aim to prevent and respond to nightlife related sexual violence. As part of the European

Student Alcohol Research and Prevention Activity (SARPA) Pre-Intervention Report – Liverpool John Moores University Public Health Institute

The Student Alcohol Research and Prevention Activity (SARPA) project aims to encourage students in Liverpool to drink less alcohol on a night out. This report presents Stage 1 of the research activity, which incorporated a mixed methods approach. Unobtrusive venue

Trends In Life Expectancy In EU And Other OECD Countries: Why are improvements slowing? – Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

This paper reports on trends in life expectancy in the 28 EU countries and some other high-income OECD countries, and examines potential explanations for the slowdown in improvements in recent years. The slowdown in improvements in life expectancy since 2011

State Of The North East 2018: Public Mental Health And Wellbeing – Public Health England

A snapshot of mental health and wellbeing in the 12 local authorities in the north-east of England, the report: provides data and evidence relating to mental health and wellbeing with a public health focus explains risk and protective factors contributing

Sugar reduction in post-Brexit UK: A supply-side policy agenda: (FRC Food Brexit Breifing) – Food Research Collaboration

The withdrawal of the UK from the EU means that new regulations must be put in place to govern the supply of sugar and other agricultural commodities. In light of this, this briefing looks at five policy options that could

State of Child Health England: Two Years On – Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

Report that congratulates the Government on its commitment to child health, commending them on bold pledges in areas such as obesity, mental health and the integration of children’s health services. The scorecard, which describes progress against a series of recommendations

International comparisons of health and wellbeing in adolescence and early adulthood – Nuffield Trust and Association for Young People’s Health

Report that finds young people in the UK are making healthier life choices for themselves than before, but are more likely to die from asthma or have a poor quality of life from long-term conditions compared to counterparts in other

A teachable moment: delivering perioperative medicine in integrated care systems – Royal College of Anaesthetists

The time preparing for, undergoing and then recovering from an operation is known as the perioperative period and the College believes that tailored care throughout this time will improve long-term outcomes for patients after surgery.  It suggests exercise and nutritional

Overview of the 6 early years and school aged years high impact areas: Health visitors and school nurses leading the Healthy Child Programme – Department of Health and Social Care and Public Health England

The purpose of this report is to illustrate the contribution of health visitors to the Healthy Child Programme (0-5) and school nurses to the Healthy Child Programme (5-19) and to describe areas where health visitors and school nurses have a significant impact on health