Poverty in Northern Ireland 2018: Briefing – Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Joseph Rowntree Foundation briefing on poverty in Northern Ireland it finds: Poverty in Northern Ireland is slightly lower than in England or Wales, but it is higher than in Scotland. Poverty among pensioners has fallen considerably over the last decade. Families

Using digital technology to improve the public’s health: a guide for local authorities – Local Government Association

Local Government Association report on making the most of digital technology is essential. It can drive efficiency and deliver value for money in a multitude of ways as well as benefiting the health and wellbeing of individuals. It reflects a snapshot

Promising approaches to living well with dementia – Age Concern

A practical resourcefrom Age Concern for individuals and organisations working in communities to support people living with dementia, and their carers. Its focus is on what works in supporting people with dementia to live well – looking at services and supports beyond the

Return on investment of falls prevention programmes in older people in the community – Public Health England

The return on investment tool pulls together evidence on the effectiveness and associated costs for interventions aimed at preventing falls in older people living in the community. The flexible Excel sheet allows for results to be tailored to the local

Housing for older people: Second Report of Session 2017–19: Report, together with formal minutes relating to the report – House of Commons Communities and Local Government Committee

Report that calls for a national strategy which brings together and improves the policy on housing for older people.  It calls on the government to recognise the link between homes and health and social care in the forthcoming social care green paper.  Identifies

The ageing process and health: (Postnote Number 571) – Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology

Briefing from the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology that summarises the evidence on the biological basis of ageing and outlines the ways in which public health policy can support better health in later life. It notes: Increased life expectancy

NHS Health Check commissioning: Review of commissioner’s current and potential use of weighted financial remuneration – Public Health England

Review that  finds a small number of papers describing case studies where weighting remuneration to providers showed improvements in uptake of NHS Health Checks. Overall, the use of weighted remuneration for NHS Health Checks has weak evidence and remains largely under researched area.

Healthy by design: The Healthy New Towns Network Prospectus – NHS England

This prospectus explains the rationale for our Healthy New Towns Network which brings together health providers, commissioners, local government and developers to create healthier places.

Police and Public Health Innovation in practice: an overview of collaboration across England: A paper to support the October 2016 summit: ‘creating a shared purpose for policing and health – Public Health England

Paper that identifies via discussion with public health and police workforces, the following topics as core areas of priority work and collaboration: violence prevention drugs and alcohol mental health dementia health and wellbeing hot and cold weather risk emerging infectious diseases modern

Learning from the vanguards: supporting people and communities to stay well – NHS Clinical Commissioners

This briefing looks at what the vanguards set out to achieve when it comes to supporting people and communities to stay well. It highlights the work some of the vanguards have been doing and shares the lessons that other organisations

Meeting the health and wellbeing needs of young carers – Local Government Association

Being a carer takes its toll on a young persons education, physical health and emotional wellbeing. What can councils do to tackle these inequalities? Councils are under a legal duty to identify young carers and carry out assessments that consider the

Tackling loneliness and social isolation: the role of commissioners: (SCIE Highlights No 3) – Social Care Institute for Excellence

Bulletin from Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) that identifies that loneliness and social isolation are conditions that are difficult to identify, complex to address and hard to resolve. The evidence base for interventions to address the problems of loneliness

Young people’s travel – what’s changed and why? – Department for Transport

Department for Transport  research on young people’s travel behaviour to better understand: why young people are driving less than previous generations what the future implications of this are Additional Item

Hidden hunger and malnutrition in the elderly – All Party Parliamentary Group on Hunger

All Party Parliamentary Group on Hunger report calling on the government to investigate and record effectively rates of malnutrition in older people. This has an estimated to cost the NHS and social care of £15.7 billion a year by 2030.

The wellbeing of 15 year-olds: further analysis of the 2014 What About YOUth? survey – Public Health England

Report from Public Health England highlighting associations between health behaviours, other self-rated life factors (such as bullying and body image) and wellbeing. Its four main findings are: Young people who engaged in behaviour which might harm their health such as drinking and

Healthy High Streets: Good place-making in an urban setting – Public Health England

Report from Public Health England identifying the features of a Healthy High Street.  It should  feature good quality design and furniture, providing accessible, safe communal spaces that can be used to create healthier, safer and more cohesive local communities. In doing so

Greater Manchester: Working Well Early impact assessment (Research Report No 946) – Learning and Work Institute

This report is an early stage review of the impact of a local, integrated approach to support for long-term unemployed ESA claimants.  It aims to identify whether a locally designed and delivered approach to employment support, complemented by integrated local services,

Loneliness: The public health challenge of our time: A policy briefing – Mental Health Foundation and Age Scotland

Loneliness is one of the leading public health challenges of our time this policy brief identifies: 24% of adults aged 65+ feel depressed and 16% feel anxious as a result of loneliness. Nearly a third of older adults feel that

Making obesity everybody’s business: A whole systems approach to obesity – Local Government Association

Briefing in cojunction with Public Health England that outlines the Whole Systems Obesity programme which will provide local authorities with a different approach to tackling obesity. The programme is exploring the evidence and local practice to develop guidance and tools to help councils

Combatting loneliness one conversation at a time: A call to action – Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness

Report on loneliness calling for development of a national strategy with a ministerial lead, measurable outcomes, annual reporting and a knowledgebase of what works in combatting loneliness.  This report seeks to be a catalyst for innovation and action across government,