Cancer strategy: (Debate Pack Number CDP-2018-003) – House of Commons Library

This debate pack outlines the progress so far in implementing the Achieving World-class Cancer Outcomes: A Strategy For England 2015-2020: Report of the Independent Cancer Taskforce strategy and provides statistics on survival rates and the NHS cancer workforce. Finally, this paper pulls

Achieving World-class Cancer Outcomes: A Strategy For England 2015-2020: Report of the Independent Cancer Taskforce – Independent Cancer Taskforce

National Strategy for Cancer that emphasises the importance of earlier diagnosis and of living with and beyond cancer in delivering outcomes that matter to patients. The report recognises that no two patients are the same, either in their cancer or their healthand care needs.

Equality in Public Health England: How we met the public sector equality duty in 2017 – Public Health England

The report set out how PHE responded to meeting the equality duty which require public bodies such as PHE to: publish information to show their compliance with the equality duty set and publish equality objectives at least every 4 years

Government response to the Lords Select Committee report on Long-Term Sustainability of the NHS and Adult Social Care – Department of Health and Social Care

The Lords Select Committee report on the long-term sustainability of the NHS and adult social care made 34 recommendations in the areas of: service transformation funding the NHS and adult social care innovation technology and productivity public health, prevention and patient responsibility

Avoidance of Doubt Provision of Phased Treatments – NHS England

Aims to support dental professionals, and to clarify where it might be appropriate to provide phased treatment spanning over several courses of treatment (CoT). This should improve access to high quality NHS dentistry to meet the needs of patients who will

People’s experience in adult social care services: improving the experience of care and support for people using adult social care services: NICE guideline [NG86] – NICE

This guideline covers the care and support of adults receiving social care in their own homes, residential care and community settings. It aims to help people understand what care they can expect and to improve their experience by supporting them

A Royal Commission on the NHS: The Remit – Centre for Policy Studies

Briefing from the Centre for Policy Studies think tank proposing that a Royal Commission should examine the structure, funding and sustainability of the NHS in England as a whole. Its aim should be to produce a fully costed blueprint that delivers the best

Using digital technology to improve the public’s health: a guide for local authorities – Local Government Association

Local Government Association report on making the most of digital technology is essential. It can drive efficiency and deliver value for money in a multitude of ways as well as benefiting the health and wellbeing of individuals. It reflects a snapshot

Approaches to social care funding: Social care funding options: (Working Paper Number: 2) – The Health Foundation

Working paper from the Health Foundation and The King’s Fund considers five approaches to funding social care for older people in England. Improving the current system. The Conservative Party’s proposals at the time of the 2017 general election (a revised means test

WHO recommendations: Intrapartum care for a positive childbirth experience – World Health Organization

This up-to-date, comprehensive and consolidated guideline on essential intrapartum care brings together new and existing WHO recommendations that, when delivered as a package, will ensure good-quality and evidence-based care irrespective of the setting or level of health care. The recommendations

Developing a competency based skills programme for pre –registration nursing students – MSc Practice Development Dissertation

Healthcare continues to change at a rapid pace and will continue to do so (Greener, 2008).  It takes place in an increasingly busy environment with constantly changing staff populations, increasing use of technology, increasing patient acuity, an ageing population and

Does orthopaedic pre-assessment clinic prepare the patient for admission to hospital? – Dissertation

This dissertation proposes a research study that will seek to explore whether orthopaedic pre-assessment clinics (PAC’s) prepare the patient for admission to hospital. A review of the available literature addressing PAC’s overwhelmingly indicates their necessity and indicates their benefit for

Promising approaches to living well with dementia – Age Concern

A practical resourcefrom Age Concern for individuals and organisations working in communities to support people living with dementia, and their carers. Its focus is on what works in supporting people with dementia to live well – looking at services and supports beyond the

Return on investment of falls prevention programmes in older people in the community – Public Health England

The return on investment tool pulls together evidence on the effectiveness and associated costs for interventions aimed at preventing falls in older people living in the community. The flexible Excel sheet allows for results to be tailored to the local

Oversight of NHS-controlled providers: guidance – NHS Improvement

NHS foundation trusts have the ability to set up subsidiaries and joint ventures for the purposes of, or in connection with, their functions. In other words, they can carry out their principal function of delivering healthcare for the purposes of the NHS through

Good and bad help: How purpose and confidence transform lives – Nesta

How we help each other matters. Some help – what we call ‘good help’ – supports people to feel hopeful, identify their own purpose and confidently take action. Other help – ‘bad help’ – does the opposite, undermining people’s confidence,

Briefing document: First incidence of stroke Estimates for England 2007 to 2016 – Public Health England

These reports use general practice data to estimate the incidence of first-ever strokes in England and report on: the estimated total number of first strokes in England in 2016 trends in incidence differences in stroke incidence by age, gender, ethnicity and deprivation.

Rapid review on safeguarding to inform the Healthy Child Programme 5 to 19 – Public Health England

The purpose of this rapid review is to update the evidence regarding safeguarding guidance, focusing on prevention and early intervention.  The review looks at relevant systematic review level evidence, supplemented with some primary impact evaluations in the areas of preventing or