State of the North East 2019: Cardiovascular disease prevention – Public Health England

Since 2011, the rise in life expectancy in the North East region has slowed. A decline in the rate at which the cardiovascular disease (CVD) mortality rate is falling has been a major contributory factor. In the North East of

Saturated fats and health: SACN report – Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition

The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) report on saturated fats and health.  This report considers the relationship between saturated fats, health outcomes and risk factors for non-communicable diseases in the general UK population.

Trends In Life Expectancy In EU And Other OECD Countries: Why are improvements slowing? – Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

This paper reports on trends in life expectancy in the 28 EU countries and some other high-income OECD countries, and examines potential explanations for the slowdown in improvements in recent years. The slowdown in improvements in life expectancy since 2011

Cardiovascular Disease Prevention: Return on Investment Tool: Final Report – Public Health England

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention is a major public health priority in England. The NHS RightCare Optimal Pathway has highlighted 6 CVD high-risk conditions that are currently under-diagnosed and insufficiently managed despite a range of available interventions, and therefore represent targets

How Should Health Policy Respond To The Growing Challenge Of Multimorbidity?: We need patient-centred care, with more emphasis on generalist rather than specialist care and better integration between general practice, hospitals and social care: (Policy Report 39) – University of Bristol, Policy Bristol

The number of people with multiple long-term conditions, known as multimorbidity, is rising internationally, putting increased pressure on health care systems, including the NHS. Researchers from the 3D Study – the largest ever trial of a person-centred approach to caring

Getting serious about cardiovascular disease in the South-West – Public Health England

Getting serious about cardiovascular disease in the south-west collects available data and evidence. This helps to target CVD prevention work along the care pathway. The report: identifies the gap in care and quality in the CVD pathway in the south-west summarises the CVD prevention initiatives already