A review of the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of alcohol and sex and relationship education for all children and young people aged 5-19 years in community settings – Liverpool John Moores University Centre for Public Health

This review sought to identify effective and cost-effective interventions and programmes that addressed health literacy and personal skills in relation to alcohol use and sexual health in community-based settings, including parent-targeted and family-based approaches.

Evaluation of the Get on Top Website Supporting Sexual Health Promotion in Sefton Interim Report – Liverpool John Moores University Centre for Public Health

A report on an evaluation of a web-based communications campaign that aims to improve young people’s access to information on protecting their sexual health and avoiding unplanned pregnancy. This report sets out the findings of initial baseline qualitative research into

Spotlight on sexually transmitted infections in the north-east: 2017 data – Public Health England

Report presenting data for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the north-east of England.

Clinical Commissioning Policy: Dolutegravir for treatment of HIV1 infection (all ages) – NHS England

This policy document outlines the arrangements for funding of Dolutegravir for treatment of HIV1 in adults and adolescents.

Statement on HPV vaccination: Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation – Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation

Statement on the possible extention of the HPV vaccination programme to adolescent boys that conludes the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation is not able to advise extension of the programme to adolescent boys.  this draws on the findings of the modelling work by Warwick

Sexually transmitted infections in Yorkshire and Humber: 2016 data – Public Health England

Report on STIs in Yorkshire and Humber. Out of all the Public Health England centres, this region has the third highest rate of new STIs in England. More than 36,300 new STIs were diagnosed in Yorkshire and Humber residents in 2016, representing

NHS efficiency map: redesigning services: Modernising sexual health services – Healthcare Financial Management Association

Case study of how Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS FT have made great strides in taking sexual health services online. This provides an innovative and lower cost method of delivering services in response to resource pressures.  

Safe to be me: Meeting the needs of older lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people using health and social care services: A resource pack for professionals – Age UK

A resource guide from Age UK, which offers practical advice on providing the kind of service in which older lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) people can feel safe to be themselves.

Cuts, Closures and Contraception: An audit of local contraceptive services in England – Advisory Group on Contraception

Key findings are: 32%  of local authorities closed contraceptive services in 2016/17, a significant increase from 12 local authorities in 2015/16 (167%). Over a third of local authorities have reduced or plan to reduce the number of sites commissioned to deliver contraceptive services since 2015. Half of councils have cut spending on contraception

Sexual and Reproductive Health: Time To Act – Royal College of General Practitioners

Royal College of General Practitioners report that identifies that years of improvement in the quality of sexual and reproductive healthcare being delivered to patients is at risk due to the bureaucratic, financial and training barriers facing GPs and practice teams. It