Global ETD Search searches over 4 million electronic theses from around the planet.  Created by the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD) the search tool offers a Google like search interface with advanced features.

The archive supports advanced filtering and boolean search.  Advanced search tips include.

Keyword Effect
subject:”visualisation” where the subject includes the word “visualisation”
title:”computers” where the title includes the word “computer”
creator:”Hussein, Suleman” where the creator (author) is “Hussein, Suleman”
description:”water rates” where the description includes “water rates”
publisher:“McGill University” where the publisher is “McGill University”
language:”english” where the language is “english”
apples AND bananas that contain both “apples” and “bananas”
apples NOT bananas that contain “apples” and do not contain “bananas”

Global ETD Search

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