NHS Agency Staffing and the Impact of Recent Interventions: (Seminar Briefing 22) – Office of Health Economics

Report on an Office of Health Economics Seminar on NHS staffing markets and the use of temporary staff, specifically in the NHS provider sector, i.e. foundation trusts and NHS trust. (which include hospitals). It provides an overview of the NHS labour

Leading Large Scale Change: a practical guide: A guide to leading large scale change through complex health and social care environments – NHS England

Leading Large Scale Change: a practical guide has been produced by the NHS England Sustainable Improvement Team and the Horizons Team, NHS England, to help all those involved in seeking to achieve transformational change in complex health and care environments.

Good work, wellbeing and changes in performance outcomes: illustrating the effects of good people management practices with an analysis of the National Health Service – What Works Wellbeing

This report illustrates the effect of good people management with an analysis of the National Health Service.  The report found Trusts that made the most extensive use of good people management practices were over three times more likely to have the

Retaining your clinical staff: a practical improvement resource – NHS Improvement

This improvement resource outlines key steps to improving retention of clinical staff. It has distilled our advice from interviews with trust HR directors, directors of nursing and medical directors.  It recognises that no one action will boost retention on its own – sustained action

The state of medical education and practice in the UK 2017 – General Medical Council

General Medical Council report that analyses data on the medical workforce across the UK. It identifies a raft of challenges facing the medical profession today against a backdrop of an increasing and older population, and highlights four priorities for the

Gender Pay Gap Report 2016 – 2017 – Department of Health

The gender pay gap shows the difference in the average pay between all men and women in a workforce. If a workforce has a particularly high gender pay gap, this can indicate that there may be a number of issues to deal

Seven day hospital services: challenges and solutions – NHS Improvement

Report that identifies challenges to delivering 7 day hospital services, for each challenges it offers a range of solutions: Implementing Clinical Standard 2 – time to first consultant review Understanding Clinical Standard 2 – time to first consultant review Job planning Winning hearts and

Evaluating reward: a step by step guide to evaluating your reward activities to understand the impact – NHS Employers

NHS organisations offer a range of rewards and benefits, but how can they demonstrate whether these have created the intended impact?  This guidance from NHS Employers looks at the steps to consider when planning evaluation activities and includes some examples of measurable outputs,

Changes to data protection requirements under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – NHS Employers

NHS Employers factsheet developed with Capsticks, identifying the key changes in data protection legislation that will affect the way that employers in NHS organisations carry out tasks involving personal data, particularly around employment checks and recruitment processes.

Sandwell and Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust: Reward to Support Staff Retention – NHS Employers

NHS Employers case study that describes how Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust used reward strategically to improve staff retention and reduce spending on temporary and agency staff.

Enabling BME nurse and midwife progression into senior leadership positions – NHS England

This report sets out the findings following an appreciative enquiry into improving the representation of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) nurses and midwives across the higher ‘agenda for change’ pay bands. This report sets out the current picture of representation in the higher

NHS workforce race equality standard: 2017 data analysis report for NHS trusts – NHS England

NHS England report considering the data on race equality in the NHS workforce and finds steady improvements in some areas. The number of BME senior managers has increased by 18% and there has been an increase in the number of

Facing the Facts, Shaping the Future: A draft health and care workforce strategy for England to 2027 – Health Education England

Health Education England draft strategy that sets out the current workforce landscape, what has been achieved since 2012, the work underway and describe an approach to shaping the face of the NHS and social care workforce for the next two

Horizon scanning future health and care demand for workforce skills in England, UK: Noncommunicable disease and future skills implications – World Health Organization

World Health Organization Horizon Scan of good practice on workforce planning in in the UK that finds: Investigation of skills mix and future demand for the whole system can reveal new ways of thinking and planning. Small annual changes in demand can add up to

The Future of Skills: Employment in 2030 – Nesta

This report maps out how employment is likely to change in the future – including the implications for skills – and anticipates a number of new occupations.  The report finds: Around one-tenth of the workforce are in occupations that are likely

Review Body on Doctors’ and Dentists’ Remuneration remit letter – Department of Health

Letter from the Seretary of State for Health setting out the remit from the Department of Health to the NHS Pay Review Body (NHSPRB) for the pay round for financial year 2018 to 2019.

NHS Pay Review Body remit letter – Department of Health

Letter from the Seretary of State for Health setting out the remit from the Department of Health to the NHS Pay Review Body (NHSPRB) for the pay round for financial year 2018 to 2019.

Saving General Practice – British Medical Association

Report from the BMA that identifies the following measures are required to save general practice. Recurrent and sustainable funding and resources A workforce strategy that is recurrently funded to enable an expansion A sustainable, long-term indemnity package for general practice Enabling practices

Full team ahead: Understanding the UK Non-Surgical Cancer Treatments Workforce – Cancer Research

Research study commissioned by Cancer Research research study to investigate the non-surgical oncology workforce of the UK. This is the first time UK-wide data has been collected on the non-surgical oncology workforce as a whole and it identifies gaps in the