Review Body on Doctors’ and Dentists’ Remuneration remit letter – Department of Health

Letter from the Seretary of State for Health setting out the remit from the Department of Health to the NHS Pay Review Body (NHSPRB) for the pay round for financial year 2018 to 2019.

NHS Pay Review Body remit letter – Department of Health

Letter from the Seretary of State for Health setting out the remit from the Department of Health to the NHS Pay Review Body (NHSPRB) for the pay round for financial year 2018 to 2019.

Saving General Practice – British Medical Association

Report from the BMA that identifies the following measures are required to save general practice. Recurrent and sustainable funding and resources A workforce strategy that is recurrently funded to enable an expansion A sustainable, long-term indemnity package for general practice Enabling practices

Full team ahead: Understanding the UK Non-Surgical Cancer Treatments Workforce – Cancer Research

Research study commissioned by Cancer Research research study to investigate the non-surgical oncology workforce of the UK. This is the first time UK-wide data has been collected on the non-surgical oncology workforce as a whole and it identifies gaps in the

Building a Britain for the future: Understanding the Industrial Strategy white paper – NHS Confederation

Summary of the Government’s Industrial Strategy white paper and its implications for the NHS. The white paper identifies that: How the UK approaches its ageing society is clearly a critical issue and identifies that new markets for associated innovations are being sought.

Government response to the House of Commons Health Committee report Brexit and health and social care – people & process – Department of Health

Response that identifies the main policy areas affected by the UK’s withdrawal from the EU (and for which the Department of Health has the lead within Government) are the health and care workforce, medicines regulation and the supply chain, reciprocal healthcare and public

Cancer Workforce Plan: Phase 1: Delivering the cancer strategy to 2021 – Health Education England

A pragmatic plan from Health Education England to increase the net supply of numbers and skills in the short term whilst Health Education England develop a longer-term approach alongside our wider workforce strategy to be published in summer 2018. In addition it

Time to care: Securing a future for the hospital workforce in Europe – Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions

Report on the workforce challenges faced by the health care systems of 14 European countries that identifies the future challenges they face as: Demographics of the talent pool as societies age Changing expectations of reward, work-life balance and career flexibility

Improving Lives: The Future of Work, Health and Disability – Department of Works and Pensions

Paper that establishes how goverment, employers, charities, healthcare providers and local authorities will work to break down employment barriers for disabled people and people with health conditions over the next ten years. The actions outlined for health services focus on

Let’s talk. Improving conversations about disability at work – Scope

Report that looks at disabled people’s experiences of talking about their impairment or condition at work. It finds that many disabled people struggle to share information about their impairment or condition in the workplace. This can make it harder for disabled people

The future of the mental health workforce – Centre for Mental Health

This report presents the key findings from a review of: The current workforce in specialist, NHS funded mental health services in England; Current policy and its impact on the future workforce; The views of people who work in and use mental health

Public Sector Pay: Still Time For Restraint?: (IFS Briefing Note BN216) – Institute for Fiscal Studies

Briefing from the Institute for Fiscal Studies on the impact of easing the current restraint on the pay of public sector workers. It had previously announced in 2015 that public sector pay scales would only increase by an average of one

The State Of Pre And Post-Graduate Medical Recruitment In England, September 2017 – British Medical Association

Report from the British Medical Association looking at data from 2013 onward, that identifies some of the ongoing issues facing medical recruitment, and recommends how some of these key concerns can be addressed.  

What Works: Hearing Loss and Employment: A guide for employers to support people with hearing loss in the workplace – NHS England

Describes the impact of hearing loss in relation to employment and why it is important for employers to be aware of this. Employers should be familiar with their responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010 it also summarises what should be considered for employees

Freedom to Speak Up Guardian Survey 2017: Findings and recommendations – National Guardian’s Office

Outlines the results of a survey of NHS whistleblowing guardians which aimed to understand how the role has been implemented, who is being appointed to the role and guardians’ views on the Freedom to Speak Up initiative. The report.  Recommen

Improving Staff Retention: A Guide For Employers – NHS Employers

Guide that brings together the experience 92 NHS trusts and NHS Employers, to identify and implement actions that can reduce the rate of leavers in NHS organisations. It also includes a number of case studies that illustrate the breadth of

Struggling To Cope: Mental Health Staff And Services Under Pressure – UNISON

UNISON survey results that demonstrate that mental health services have been hit hard by cuts to NHS funding, which has a damaging effect on service users and staff. Service users have been left struggling to access the help they need, while mental health staff working

Your Future Nurses – NHS Employers

NHS Employers infographic identifying the introduction of the nursing degree apprenticeship gives a new opportunity for employers to train nurses. The creation of the new nursing associate role can also help to be a bridge between healthcare assistants and graduate registered

Clinical Radiology: UK Workforce Census 2016 Report – Royal College of Radiologists

Workforce report from the Royal College of Radiologists that finds a severe shortage of radiologists with an increased use of international recruitment to fill the gaps.  This is making late hospital diagnoses and delayed scan results a very real likelihood for

Sustainability And Transformation Partnerships: Developing Robust Governance Arrangements – Healthcare Financial Management Association

The issue of governance in relation to sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs), accountable care systems and new models of care is a priority consideration on the watching brief of the HFMA’s Governance and Audit Committee. Robust governance arrangements are needed as local plans are