Hand and Upper Limb Transplant Service (Adults): Clinical Priorities Advisory Group – NHS England

Clinical Priorities Advisory Group Report for the service specification covers the provision of Hand and Upper Limb Transplantation Services for adults.

Proton Beam Therapy for Oesophageal Cancer: Engagement Report for Clinical Commissioning Policies – NHS England and NHS Improvement

NHS England has reviewed the evidence to treat oesophageal cancer with proton beam therapy (PBT) in adults and have concluded that there is not enough evidence to make the treatment available through routine commissioning.

Proton Beam Therapy for Oesophageal Cancer: Clinical Priorities Advisory Group – NHS England and NHS Improvement

This policy statement recommends that proton beam therapy (PBT), a form of radiotherapy, should not be made routinely available for the treatment of oesophageal cancer in adults. This treatment is not currently available in this indication and therefore does not

Return to Practice Programme: evaluation of the Allied Health Professionals and Health Care Scientists Return to Practice Programme – Government Equalities Office

The Government Equalities Office funded the ‘Return to Practice’ programme to support Allied Health Professionals and Health Care Scientists who want to return to work. Delivered in partnership with Health Education England and Department for Health and Social Care, the

Human Animal Infections and Risk Surveillance group: Qualitative assessment of the risk that variegated squirrel bornavirus 1 presents to the UK population – Public Health England

Qualitative assessment of the risk that variegated squirrel Bornavirus presents to the UK population.  Three fatal cases of encephalitis were reported in 2015 which had occurred between 2011 and 2013 in Germany and were associated with a novel Bornavirus species. A

Strength and balance quality markers: Supporting improvement through audit – Public Health England

Strength and balance exercise programmes are an important intervention for falls prevention.  This report details of 7 quality markers for strength and balance exercise, suitable for use by local areas as criteria to help them carry out self-audits. With an

Tobacco control: how do you know that your council is doing all it can to reduce smoking-related harm? – Local Government Association

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence estimates that every £1 invested in smoking cessation saves £10 in future health care costs. Councils should implement a robust tobacco control strategy that embeds a health-in-all-policies approach.  Lead members for health

What works in schools and colleges to increase physical activity?: A resource for head teachers, college principals, staff working in education settings, school nurses, directors of public health, county sports partnerships and wider partners – Public Health England

A briefing for head teachers, college principals, staff working in education settings, directors of public health and wider partners.  This briefing provides an overview of the evidence on what works for schools and colleges, to increase levels of physical activity amongst

Towards mental health equality: a manifesto for the next Prime Minister – The Mental Health Policy Group

This manifesto sets out five areas that the next Prime Minister must address in order to improve the lives of people with mental health problems and promote the mental health of the nation. By addressing these areas, the new Prime

Patient insights on cancer care: opportunities for improving efficiency: Findings from the international All.Can patient survey – All.Can

All.Can report detailing the responses of almost 4,000 cancer patients and caregivers from more than ten countries who responded to a survey to share their experiences of cancer care. While most reported that their needs were sufficiently addressed during their

Hepatitis C: interventions for patient case-finding and linkage to care: Evidence review – Public Health England

An evidence review of what interventions are effective in increasing case-finding and linkage to care for hepatitis C-infected patients.  It is intended to support commissioners and health and care providers, in making decisions on prioritisation of resources and the commissioning

Involving patients and the public in research – The Healthcare Improvement Studies Institute

Healthcare Improvement Studies Institute learning report aims to build a better understanding of the role of patient and public involvement (PPI) in research, thereby helping ensure meaningful involvement that has tangible impacts and mitigate against undesired consequences.

Department of Health and Social Care: Assessment of NHS England (the NHS Commissioning Board) for 2017-18 and 2018-19 – Department of Health and Social Care

This paper sets out the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care’s annual assessment of the National Health Service Commissioning Board’s performance against section 13U(4) of the NHS Act 2006, covering the multi-year mandate for the financial years 2017

2019-20 Better Care Fund: Policy Framework – Department of Health and Social Care and the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government

The Better Care Fund (BCF) will provide financial support for councils and NHS organisations to jointly plan and deliver local services. This document sets out the agreed way in which the BCF will be implemented in financial year 2019 to

Fixing the present, building for the future: newborn screening for rare conditions – Genetic Alliance UK

This report contains recommendations to adapt decision making to fit rare diseases, to embrace the potential of screening as a rare disease identification system, and to take advantage of developments in technology.

Emergency admissions to hospital from care homes: how often and what for? – Health Foundation

Health Foundation briefing from the Improvement Analytics Unit, a joint initiative between NHS England and the Health Foundation. Key points are: Analysis of a national linked dataset identifying permanent care home residents aged 65 and older and their hospital found that

Tetanus: Guidance on the management of suspected tetanus cases and on the assessment and management of tetanus prone wounds – Public Health England

This document provides recommendations on the diagnosis and treatment of tetanus, including: the use of immunoglobulins for the treatment of clinical tetanus the management of tetanus prone wounds revised guidance for classifying tetanus-prone injuries

Why a “risk pool” must underpin a social care system – Nuffield Trust

Several proposals have been put forward that suggest social care should be funded via individual insurance or savings products. This one page briefing outlines why the Nuffield Trust thinks relying on individual funding options is unlikely to provide a viable