Addressing ambulance handover delays: actions for local accident and emergency delivery boards – NHS England and NHS Improvement

Advice for ambulance trusts and A&E delivery boards on what action to take during busy periods and should ambulances begin to queue. This aims to help reduce delays in handover of patients from ambulance services to emergency departments. It draws

Saving General Practice – British Medical Association

Report from the BMA that identifies the following measures are required to save general practice. Recurrent and sustainable funding and resources A workforce strategy that is recurrently funded to enable an expansion A sustainable, long-term indemnity package for general practice Enabling practices

Challenging Health Inequalities: Support for CCGs – NHS England

This guide has been created to help identify areas of variation in emergency admissions in more and less deprived CCGs and to promote a discussion where variation occurs.

Building a Britain for the future: Understanding the Industrial Strategy white paper – NHS Confederation

Summary of the Government’s Industrial Strategy white paper and its implications for the NHS. The white paper identifies that: How the UK approaches its ageing society is clearly a critical issue and identifies that new markets for associated innovations are being sought.

Government response to the House of Commons Health Committee report Brexit and health and social care – people & process – Department of Health

Response that identifies the main policy areas affected by the UK’s withdrawal from the EU (and for which the Department of Health has the lead within Government) are the health and care workforce, medicines regulation and the supply chain, reciprocal healthcare and public

Comprehensive Care: Older people living with frailty in hospitals – NIHR Dissemination Centre

Comprehensive Care looks at the concept of ‘frailty’ in older people living in hospital.  It covers four key aspects of caring for older people living with frailty in hospital: Assessment; identifying and managing symptoms associated with frailty in hospital; discharge planning; and

Time to care: Securing a future for the hospital workforce in Europe – Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions

Report on the workforce challenges faced by the health care systems of 14 European countries that identifies the future challenges they face as: Demographics of the talent pool as societies age Changing expectations of reward, work-life balance and career flexibility

Some assembly required: implementing new models of care: Lessons from the new care models programme – The Health Foundation

Report from the Health Foundation that emphasises the value of local co-creation and testing of new care models, and offers useful learning for those seeking to drive the development of new models of care within sustainability and transformation partnerships and

Transforming musculoskeletal and orthopaedic elective care services – NHS England

This handbook aimed at commissioners, providers and those leading the local transformation of services intends to support local health and care systems to work together to: Better manage rising demand for elective care services; Improve patient experience and access to

Transforming gastroenterology elective care services – NHS England

This handbook aimed at commissioners, providers and those leading the local transformation of services intends to support local health and care systems to work together to: Better manage rising demand for elective care services; Improve patient experience and access to

Britain’s Demographic Challenge: The Implications Of The UK’s Rapidly Increasing Population – Civitas

Civitas report on the scale of the growing population of the UK, sets it in historical and international context and considers the challenges that it will present. It considers the implications including the need for new hospitals, schools, roads, jobs

Adult And Older Adult Mental Health Services 2012-2016: An analysis of Mental Health NHS Benchmarking Network data for England and Wales: (Briefing 52) – Centre for Mental Health

This report summarises the results of a collaboration between Centre for Mental Health and the NHS Benchmarking Network. The NHS Benchmarking Network (NHSBN) is a member-based organisation of NHS commissioners and providers who collect and analyse data on health care services across the NHS. NHSBN have

Sustainability And Transformation Partnerships: Developing Robust Governance Arrangements – Healthcare Financial Management Association

The issue of governance in relation to sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs), accountable care systems and new models of care is a priority consideration on the watching brief of the HFMA’s Governance and Audit Committee. Robust governance arrangements are needed as local plans are

Does Hospital Competition Improve Efficiency? The Effect of the Patient Choice Reform in England: (CHE Research Paper 149) – University of York Centre for Health Economics

Uses the 2006 relaxation of constraints on patient choice of hospital in the English NHS to investigate the effect of hospital competition on dimensions of efficiency including indicators of resource management (admissions per bed, bed occupancy rate, proportion of day

Sustainability And Transformation Plans And Partnerships: (Briefing Paper Number CBP8093) – House of Commons Library

House of Commons Library briefing detailing how sustainability and transformation partnerships have been developed, their funding and accountability arrangements as well as their progress so far. While they have no legal status a key role of these partnerships was the

The Role of Nurses in Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services: A resource for commissioners, providers and clinicians – Public Health England and Royal College of Nursing

This resource is to assist commissioners and providers of specialist adult alcohol and drug treatment services to identify the right workforce to meet the needs of their local populations. It does not address the wider role of nurses across other areas of

Use of Resources assessment: a brief guide for acute non-specialist trusts – NHS Improvement

The purpose of the Use of Resources assessment is to improve understanding of how effectively and efficiently trusts are using their resources – including their finances, workforce, estates and facilities, technology and procurement – to provide high quality, efficient and sustainable care for

Getting into shape: Delivering a workforce for integrated care – Reform

Report from Reform that suggests to develop an appropriate staff resource for integrated care: Undergraduate training should be uncapped across the health and social care system. Doctors who choose not to work for the NHS should reimburse the cost of

Delivering a national approach to patient flow in Wales: Learning from the 1000 Lives Improvement Patient Flow Programme – The Health Foundation

The 1000 Lives Improvement Patient Flow Programme in Wales was inspired by the Health Foundation’s Flow Cost Quality programme, which demonstrated significant improvements in patient flow at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust.

STP analysis Greater Manchester – School of Health and Social Care, London South Bank University

Analyses the STP plans of Greater Manchester to identify its robustness.  This summary has informed the wider report Sustainability and Transformation Plans How serious are the proposals? A critical review.