Relationships and sexuality in adult social care services: Guidance for CQC inspection staff and registered adult social care providers – Care Quality Commission

Guidance from the Care Quality Commission that sets out how care providers should consider people’s relationship and sexuality needs. It focus’ on issues like relationships, diversity and protecting people from harm. It covers a diverse range of often complex issues,

Unmet Needs: Improper Social Care Assessments For Older People In England – Human Rights Watch

Depth interviews were undertaken with older people and their relatives (104 in total) in twelve cities and towns across England. Some said that assessors appeared not to understand their disabilities and support needs. In other cases, before beginning an assessment,

Kindness, emotions and human relationships: The blind spot in public policy – Carnegie Trust

There is growing recognition of the importance of human connection and relationships for individual and societal wellbeing. Values that were previously considered ‘out-of-scope’ – such as kindness, love and compassion – just might form part of the solution to some of our most

Report into Children’s Services in Wakefield following inspection: Report for the Secretary of State for Education – Department for Education

This report sets out the findings of the Commissioner’s 3-month review and makes recommendations for the improvement of children’s social care services in Wakefield. This follows an Ofsted report finding the overall effectiveness of the council’s children’s social care services

Post-Qualifying Standards For Social Work Practice Supervisors In Adult Social Care: Government Response – Department of Health and Social Care

Government’s clear vision is to develop a confident, skilled and capable social work profession which has received the best training; is supported through a clear, practice-based career pathway to enable progression from practitioner to supervisor to principal social worker or

The lives we want to lead: Findings, implications and recommendations on the LGA green paper for adult social care and wellbeing: LGA consultation response – Local Government Association

Responses to the consultation demonstrate an unequivocal view of the importance of adult social care and support. That importance is defined in different ways. Some frame social care as a moral responsibility, a hallmark of a civilised society and as

Priorities for Adult Social Work Research: Results from the James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership for adult social work – Department of Health and Social Care

Sets out the top ten priorities for adult social work research. It aims to help make sure future research answers the questions that are important to social workers and those who are in contact with them. The priorities cover a

A Crying Shame: A report by the Office of the Children’s Commissioner into vulnerable babies in England – Office of the Children’s Commissioner

This report looks at how many babies might be vulnerable in this way and presents the facts about the sort of risks even very young children are being exposed to. Much of the data is missing; however, we are publishing

Improving children and young people’s mental health services – National Audit Office

This report forms part of The National Audit Office’s wider programme of work on mental health, following their 2016 report Mental health services: preparations for access and our 2017 report Mental health in prisons. It examines whether the government is on track to meet

NDTMS Themed Report Parental Status, 2007/08 – Liverpool John Moores University Centre for Public Health

According to the Hidden Harm report, there are estimated to be 250,000-350,000 children of problem drug users in the UK (ACMD, 2003). Only 37% of fathers and 64% of mothers with a drug problem still have their children living with

Addressing the needs of children of substance using parents: an evaluation of Families First’s Intensive Intervention: Final Report – Liverpool John Moores University Centre for Public Health

In response to Hidden Harm (ACMD, 2003), the government outlined its commitment to fund research identifying what types of services and interventions work with children of problem drug and alcohol users and their families (DfES, 2005). This evaluation of Families

Quality Matters: a summary of year one outputs – Department of Health and Social Care

A summary of what has been achieved by partners in the adult social care sector one year on from the launch of the Quality Matters action plan.

Reducing the impacts of welfare reform and recession: A guide based upon evidence from Merseyside and Cheshire – Liverpool John Moores University Centre for Public Health

Recent and ongoing reforms to the welfare system and the economic recession have had significant impacts upon many of the most vulnerable members of the population and the services supporting them. Included in this guide are ten evidence-based recommendations to

Report into Children’s Services in Buckinghamshire following inspection: Report for the Secretary of State for Education by John Coughlan (Chief Executive, Hampshire County Council), Commissioner for Children’s Services in Buckinghamshire – Department for Education

This is the report of the Commissioner for the Department for Education (DfE) concerning the position and future of Children’s Services in Buckinghamshire County Council further to the publication of the Ofsted report on 29th January 2018.  This was a second consecutive

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease: guidelines for social workers in England – Department of Health and Social Care

These guidelines aim to increase awareness and understanding of CJD and improve social care for people who are affected by it. The guidelines update the previous guidance published in 2003. They reflect the increasing rareness of the disease and the

Mapping the Standards of Evidence used in UK social policy – Alliance for Useful Evidence

In recent years there has been a rapid proliferation of standards of evidence and other frameworks which aim to tell us what is and isn’t working. Following in-depth consultation with the organisations who use them, This report has mapped and

Adass Budget Survey 2018 – Association of Directors of Adult Social Services

The results of this survey explore directors of adult social services’ views of how councils are making incredibly difficult decisions in relation to the growing numbers of people requiring care and support with increasingly complex needs and with higher costs,

From prison to work: A new frontier for Individual Placement and Support – Centre for Mental Health

From prison to work: A new frontier for Individual Placement and Support reports on a pilot programme in the West Midlands to support prisoners with mental health difficulties into employment when they are released. The programme sought to employ the

A Trauma-informed Health and Care Approach for responding to Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation: Current knowledge report – Department of Health and Social Care

This report sets out current knowledge on trauma-informed care approaches to child sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation. It includes personal case studies and recommendations for a trusted relationship model.

Young People Living Independently: A study by the Social Security Advisory Committee (Occasional Paper No. 20) – Social Security Advisory Committee

This Social Security Advisory Committee (SSAC) report examines the effect of the support provided through the benefit system to young people living independently – that is, those not living with parents or other relatives or guardians.  These young claimants often have