The General Ophthalmic Services Contracts (Continuing Education and Training Allowances) Payments Directions 2018 – Department of Health and Social Care

The General Ophthalmic Services Contracts (Continuing Education and Training Allowances) Payments Directions 2018 and a form to claim the continuing education and training payment between 2 July 2018 and 1 November 2018.  

The state of care in urgent primary care services: Findings from CQC’s programme of comprehensive inspections in England – Care Quality Commission

Care Quality Commission Report finding urgent care centres, NHS 111 services and GP out-of-hours services play a vital role in England’s healthcare system. Effective urgent primary care benefits not only patients but the wider healthcare system, by easing pressure on other

Guide To Reducing Long Hospital Stays – NHS Improvement

‘How-to’ guide that offers practical steps and tactics to support the NHS and partners to use an optimal approach to managing hospital length of stay. It has been written to make the ‘difficult’ easier and details practical steps to implement approaches

Horizontal or Vertical: Which way to integrate?: Approaches to community services integration and consequences for emergency hospital activity: A case study based on the Transforming Community Services Policy –

This report explores the impact integration choices made by Primary Care Trusts had on the level and growth in emergency hospital use in older people and considers the wider implications for the NHS as it develops new models of care

Local General Practitioners Retention Fund: Guidance for NHS England regional and local office teams – NHS England

This guidance document sets out the availability of new funding in 2018/19 to further support delivery of the commitment set out in the General Practice Forward View (GPFV) to ensure an additional 5,000 extra doctors working in general practice by 2020.

Spatial Competition and Quality: Evidence from the English Family Doctor Market: (CHE Research Paper 151) – University of York Centre for Health Economics

Report from the University of York Centre for Health Economics considering if family doctor firms in England respond to local competition by increasing their quality. It measures quality in terms of clinical performance and patient-reported satisfaction to capture its multi-dimensional nature. This report

Supporting nurse mentors to reduce the barriers to implementing alcohol Interventions and Brief Advice (IBA) in primary care- Alcohol Research UK

Report on a prject to reduce barriers to the implementation of alcohol Identification and Brief Advice (IBA) in primary care by providing expert support to nurse mentors to: develop a leadership role in IBA including provision of ongoing training and support to staff

Divided we fall: Getting the best out of general practice – Nuffield Trust

Report from the Nuffield Trust that examines recent policy to segment general practice into different types of service tailored to the needs of different patients. It identified the tensions between this new approach and the traditional GP role of ‘medical

Primary care home: exploring the potential for dental care to add value – National Association of Primary Care

This report examines how dental care could fit into the Primary Care Home model and how it could add value.  This is intended as an initial review, with more work to follow on dental pilots within primary care homes.

Collaborative Care: An Exploration into Core Tenets, Fidelity, and Policy – Centre for Mental Health

Report from the Mental Health Foundation that identifies that nearly half of all people with a diagnosable mental health problem also have a long-term physical condition such as diabetes, asthma or coronary heart disease.  It calls for the development of

Reimagining community services: making the most of our assets – The King’s Fund

Report from The King’s Fund that identifies community services are often fragmented and poorly co-ordinated, and are frequently not well integrated with other services in the community. This results in duplication as well as gaps between teams delivering care. A radical

NHS Standard Contract: Provisions Applicable to Primary Care Services Schedule 2L and Explanatory Note – updated January 2018 – NHS England

Schedule 2L (Provisions Applicable to Primary Care Services) can be added to the NHS Standard Contract where a commissioner is placing a contract for integrated secondary and primary medical care services.

Standard Personal Medical Services Agreement Variation Notice 2017 – NHS England

This document gives notice under paragraph 104(2) of Schedule 6 to the National Health Service (General Medical Services Contracts) Regulations 2004 (S.I. 2004/291) that the terms of the general medical services contract are varied as set out in the document.  It requires area teams

NHS efficiency map: redesigning services: Modelling the need for mental health beds – Healthcare Financial Management Association

Revised case study many trusts are exploring options for moving care into the community. This case study demonstrates how one mental health has achieved this, and as a result improved patient care and reduced costs.

Enhanced health in care homes: learning from experiences so far – The King’s Fund

This report draws on published literature about joining up and co-ordinating care homes and health services. It also draws on interviews with a range of providers, local authorities and CCGs. It aims to help care homes and NHS providers (including

The final injustice: variation in end of life care in England – Macmillan Cancer Care

Macmillian Cancer Care report that looks at the experience of cancer patients’ final months and years. It finds that cancer patients approaching the end of their life face repeat emergency visits and the situation is worse for patients who are

Saving General Practice – British Medical Association

Report from the BMA that identifies the following measures are required to save general practice. Recurrent and sustainable funding and resources A workforce strategy that is recurrently funded to enable an expansion A sustainable, long-term indemnity package for general practice Enabling practices

Destination GP: Medical students’ experiences and perceptions of general practice – Royal College of General Practitioners

Report aiming to build the evidence base on medical students’ perceptions of general practice, and how and where they are exposed to misconceptions and negative views. It sets out a series of recommendations where further work is needed to tackle the spread of misconceptions and negativity surrounding