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DateAugust 12, 2018
AuthorJoseph Rowntree Foundation
This report gives three actions that need to be taken to ensure public transport enables rather than constrains people who are returning to work. Identifies the need for:

  • 'Stronger' models of partnership or bus franchising (through the Bus Services Act 2017) improve the availability, reliability and affordability of public transport, to make it easier to access employment.

  • Planning tools and approaches ensure that new housing and employment developments are well served by public transport that reduces the travel costs, times or distances between places of residence and work.

  • Transport and employment policy are better integrated to enable employment support providers to help clients understand travel choices as part of their return to work.

The research used innovative 'travel time' maps showing how long it takes to get to selected areas using public transport, overlaid with the geography of employment opportunities within city regions.