General Practice Forward View – One Year On – British Medical Association

BMA evaluation of the progress so far on the GPFV, one year on from its launch and it calls for urgent implementation of its promised extra funding after a mixed picture within the first twelve months of delivery.  The programme

School Meals: Transforming a Feeding Culture into an Eating Culture – Obesity Action Scotland

Obesity Action Scotland report suggesting improvements to school meals could play an important part in reducing childhood obesity. It finds school dinners vary ‘dramatically’ across Scotland, with many primary schools serving puddings more often than soup.  The report calls on

Ambulatory emergency care: Reimbursement under the national tariff – Healthcare Financial Management Association

Briefing to create a better understanding of the current approaches taken to the recording and reimbursement of ambulatory care. The briefing is based on a HFMA members surve establishing some basic benchmarking information to see how the guidance is currently applied.

Combatting antimicrobial resistance: Educational approaches for the responsible prescribing of antimicrobials – Health Education England

Report on a survey by Health Education England  to identify gap areas in relation to educational resources available to support current prescribers responsibly prescribing antimicrobials, and makes for HEE, employers and healthcare providers to ensure that staff are well-trained in

NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard: 2016 Data Analysis Report For NHS Trusts – NHS Equality and Diversity Council

This report publishes data from providers of NHS-funded care, including the voluntary and private sector, to demonstrate how they are addressing equality issues. It includes data covering nine indicators including four relating to the workplace covering: recruitment, promotion, career progression

Co-Producing Technology: Harnessing Digital Solutions For Social Care – Voluntary Organisations Disability Group

This paper explores ways in which people who use services are contributing to technological design and how the resulting digital solutions are changing the way we deliver social care and health and wellbeing services. It builds on earlier work, across

Age and Utilities: Issues for HTA – Office of Health Economics

Research from the Office of Health Economics aimed to extend the analysis of the relationship between age and utility reported in a paper published in 1997 and contribute to the existing debate about the rationale and implications for using age-specific

Case study: Ambulance re-contact analysis driving improvements in local service – Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership

Case study describing an ongoing monthly audit delivered by the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS). The study focuses on cases in the North West region where patients received ambulance attendance yet subsequently re-contacted the service within 24 hours of the initial

Productivity of the English NHS: 2014/15 Update: (CHE Research Paper 146) – University of York Centre for Health Economics

Update of the Centre for Health Economics’ time-series of NHS productivity growth. It finds that the rate of NHS productivity growth since 2004/5 compares favourably with that achieved by the economy as a whole. It suggests that increased NHS output

Special Educational Needs: support in England: (Briefing Paper SN07020) – House of Commons Library

This updated House of Commons Library briefing sets out the system of support for children and young people in England aged 0-25 with special educational needs (SEN). The briefing provides an overview of the new system introduced in 2014, the

How Cultural Alignment and the Use of Incentives Can Promote a Culture of Health: Stakeholder Perspectives – RAND Corporation

RAND Corporation report that discusses how concepts of cultural identity (e.g. ethnicity, religion or sexuality) and organisational culture can be harnessed to create a culture of health and how incentives can be used to promote wellbeing.  

Outcome Performance Measure Development for Persons with Multiple Chronic Conditions – RAND Corporation

Summarises analyses to assess the reliability and validity of a patient-reported outcome performance measure: the Veterans RAND twelve-item health survey (VR-12). The report makes recommendations towards the future use of performance measures and argues for the need for evaluation of

Tailored review of Public Health England – Department of Health

Result of a consultation that concludes that Public Health England performs necessary functions and should continue to operate as an executive agency. The review report also contains recommendations to improve performance, governance and efficiency.

Online Support: Investigating the role of public online forums in mental health – Demos

Report by the King’s Fund and Demos  that looks at the large amounts of mental health related discussion taking place on public online forums, and explores whether computational techniques can provide robust, actionable insight from these conversations. It describes the collection